2021 Most Viewed Animated Movies Children And Adults Like


The Most Viewed Animated Films of 2021


11.SpongeBob 2: put on the Run (Feb 2021)

The newest SpongeBob movie delayed-release again and again, but fans within the U.S. will finally get to observe it this year on PVOD and CBS All Access, presumably in February. With 3D animation, our old Bikini Bottom buddies will look a touch different but still start an equivalent goofy adventure we all know and love. Input on the Run, SpongeBob and Patrick must rescue Gary, who has been “snail-napped.” Keanu Reeves makes a puzzling appearance as a wise ‘sage’ tumbleweed who advises them on their journey.


12.Space Jam 2: a replacement Legacy (July 16)

The long wait for the follow-up to 1996’s Space Jam will soon be over. The new film will star LeBron James, Bugs Bunny, and, therefore, the remaining Looney Tunes crew as they dribble their way through a replacement, virtual adventure that might include appearances from Warner Bros. characters like Voldemort and Pennywise. The crossover possibilities are endlessly chaotic, as LeBron and his young son, Bronny, are trapped during a digital world orchestrated by an A.I. villain (Don Cheadle) and must play their answer. Lebron himself described it as a “parenting movie” as his character must come to terms together with his son’s true dreams and skills, while they differ from his own.


13.Happy Feet

Happy Feet imagines that every Aptenodytes forsteri features a unique “heart song” matching it to a mate. The film uses Queen, Stevie Wonder songs, and more, sung by the voice cast and a few guest singers. A few meets and matches, eventually laying an egg left within the male’s care while the feminine fishes. The egg is dropped but hatches typically.


14.The Addams Family 2 (October 8)

They’re creepy, and they’re kooky, and they’re back for a sequel. Due out this Halloween, when—as the trailer says, the planet will hopefully ‘return to (ab)normal’—the animated combat the typical gothic family will feature an equivalent cast voicing the ghoulish characters (Chloë Grace Moretz, Charlize Theron, Nick Kroll, Bette Midler, Snoop Dogg, Oscar Isaac). Oh, and add Bill Hader and Javon Walton to the combination.


15.Encanto (November 24)

With music by Lin Manuel-Miranda, Disney’s animated musical Encanto takes place in Colombia and centers on a magical family. Miranda called it an “intergenerational family story with all the complexity that brings.”


16.The Son Of Bigfoot

The Son of Bigfoot maybe a 2017 animated film offering a singular new twist on the legend of Bigfoot with many action, adventure, and humor also as some heartfelt insights and positive messaging. It’s one of the shortest animated movies for the entire family.

Adam learns not only is he the son of Bigfoot but that he has much more exciting powers than simply fast-growing hair and feet. He also can run at high speed and understand animal languages. But will his reunion together with his father also cause his dad’s capture when the team master hit him sells a snapped photo of Bigfoot to the local press?


17.The Adventures Of Tintin

The Adventures of Tintin follows a young journalist, namely Tintin and his loveable pet dog, Snowy. While a visit to a market, the pair discover and buy a little model ship referred to as the “Unicorn.” Shortly after, Barnaby, ‘an Interpol officer’ questioned Tintin, and he is also interrogated by a collector, namely Ivan Ivanovitch Sakharine. After arriving at the reception, Tintin discovers that the ship is broken because of a fight between A cat and Snowy. Unbeknownst to him, a parchment scroll slips out of the boat and under his bed. Tintin leaves to collect more information about the ship, only to return and find that it’s been stolen. After accosting Sakharine, Tintin discovers multiple models of the “Unicorn,” each containing its piece of parchment paper, which close to make a map.

18.Ernest & Celestine

Ernest & Celestine may be a beautifully animated movie with an all-star voice cast, including Mackenzie Foy, Forest Whitaker, Lauren Bacall.

Ernest & Celestine may be a heartwarming film that won over critics and audiences. Though the first is in French with English subtitles, the English dubbed version is charming and wonderful.


20.Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero

Sgt: Stubby: An American Hero is an animated film for the entire family and one among the shortest animated movies for movie night reception. Released in 2018, this film is predicated on the true story of a heroic dog who becomes the foremost decorated dog in history and a real war hero. Though it missed great success at the box office, this true-life story of canine courage, love, and loyalty won the guts of home viewers of all ages.

Sgt. Stubby: An American Hero is among the most straightforward animated movies for historical accuracy and an accurate tale of outstanding loyalty and courage from man’s ally.

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