Ali Xeeshan breaks silence after he has done a campaign for anti-dowry


Is Dowry A Curse?

Acclaimed Pakistani style designer Ali Xeeshan discussed town after his new campaign zeroing in on dowry reverse discharges.

The design symbol got great commendations for featuring an urgent issue of the Pakistani society with his ‘Numaish’ campaign—demonstrating a lady pulling a truck heap of dowry with the husband to be sitting on things.

Regardless of that, many individuals on the web were miserable about the campaign as they blamed the designer for ‘bad faith’ for campaigning for oppressed ladies, however selling his couture at outlandish costs.

“The new campaign against dowry is effective. So I looked into the designer Ali Xeeshan. Google took me to his wedding assortment. One would need to offer their kidney to purchase this dress,” thought of one client.

It has been fashion trend to ask dowry from daughter parents, even male parents send a list of dowry ;they should give to their daughter when she is leaving her parents’ home.

Ending his silence on the whole scene, Xeeshan addressed Independent Urdu and said: “When I was creating it [the campaign], I was investigating the battles of young ladies. However, later I understood that dowry compresses the guardians more.”

“I recall a year ago a customer’s wedding was canceled because one of the requests from the man of the hour’s family was to have a gold-plated shaving unit. Numerous individuals say that you make costly outfits; why are you discussing this? These two are altogether different things – that [designing outfits] is my business, and nobody is constrained to purchase them,” he said.

“If you can manage the cost of my garments, kindly be my visitors, and on the off chance that you can’t, at that point, don’t put yourself under the tension. Somebody finds out if they should purchase my garments or teach their little girl, then I would request that they give the training. I will figure out how to sell my garments.”