All American Season 3 Quotes


All American Season 3 Quotes

The Baker men, we do what we have to to win. I’m just following in your footsteps.

Jordan (to Billy)

We made it, Spence. Me and you.

Coop (to Spencer)

I’m proud of you, son. All-American.

Billy (to Spencer)

I’m framing this.

Grace (to Spencer)

Alder: I wasn’t in Liberia, cadet.
Tally: You can redact photographs and edit history books all you want, General, but I know you were there, with (Nicda).

It’s not a breakup, just a rewind, to boyfriend and girlfriend who are madly in love.

Simone (to Jordan)

It’s supposed to be the glowing bride, not the glowering bride.

Robert (to Simone)

Jordan: Things change.
Layla: Have they, or are they just changing for Simone?

Spencer: You’ve got to be kidding me.
Grace: In my house, you listen first.

I’m your husband, Simone. Wherever you go, I’ll be right there with you.

Jordan (to Simone)

Damon: I don’t know why I told you all that, man.
Spencer: Clearly you needed to tell somebody.

Turner: Sometimes you gotta take one for the team.
Damon: I’ll leave you to your goodbyes, Coach.

Simone: What’d I miss?
Jordan: Just … gross.
Simone: She’s going after what she wants.

Simone: If you’re not going to go after what you want, you can’t get mad when someone else does.
Olivia: It sounds like someone needs to take her own advice.

Olivia: This place is growing on you, isn’t it?
SImone: I just didn’t expect to come here and feel so full.

Olivia: This place is growing on you, isn’t it?
SImone: I just didn’t expect to come here and feel so full.

Amara: (Your mom’s) probably checking to make sure I haven’t corrupted you. She does know you’re here?
Simone: Dad knows.

Simone: I’m not applying here. I’m just visiting my family.
Olivia: More like hiding from family. Simone’s mom is, like, a lot.

Amara: Go have some fun. I’ll catch you later.
Simone: Are you sure?
Keisha, Girl, don’t ask twice.

Carter is my business. Not yours. Not Spencer’s.

Grace (to Dillon)

Asher: You’re the first person to ever call me a great player.
Montes: Well, go out there and prove me right.

Spencer’s trying to make amends. So the ball’s in your court.

Patience (to Coop)

Season All American 4 episode 4 : “Bird In the Hand.’

I already lost football this year. I’m not losing my wife too.


Y’all can keep doing whatever this is.

Patience (to Spencer and Coop)

Don’t take too long to respond. Because men are fragile.


Carter: Is there anything you aren’t good at?
Billy: Marriage, apparently.

You’re right. I do feel better.

Carter (to Billy)

With my skill and your chalk, we can’t lose.

Frausto (to Spencer)

Carter: My mom insisted I dress like Urkel. Not the cool one.
Billy: There was a cool one?

Laura: I hear she’s been chasing Billy her whole life.
Grace: Not just Billy. Anyone with an X chromosone.

Spencer: What happened to the Eagles discount?
Asher: J.J.’s Night of a Thousand Wings ruined that.

The kid’s 5 foot and slow. They can’t all be Rudy.

Billy (to Carter)

I want to have some fun. Y’all wanna have some fun?


Special players make special plays on special days. So be special, dammit.


I’m proud of you for taking your time and not rushing back.

Billy (to Jordan)

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Spencer: Kids nowadays are different.
Coach Green: Kids? What are you, a year older than them?

Fausto: Does this mean what I think it means?
Billy: Yes, we just lost our QB1 before the most important game of the year.

Wendy: You two started as best friends. And best friends have the best sex.
Laura: Mom! I’ve got to get to work.

Who the hell is Gandolf?

Willie (to Billy and Laura)

Billy: You’ve come a long way from the girl that used to tutor me at South Crenshaw High.
Grace: I’m still at South Crenshaw High.

Laura: Is everything OK, Liv?
Olivia: It’s not important and I don’t want to make anything harder for you.

What we do is hold our head high regardless because our worth don’t come from them.

Spencer (to Olivia)

Spencer: What happened?
Olivia: Isn’t that obvious?

Come on. Let’s take our black joy inside.

Spencer (to Olivia)

Billy: Apologize to your mother.
Olivia: I can’t do that. Our lives are on the line, Dad. Kindness isn’t an option anymore.

Can you make some noise the next time you approach?

Coop (to Preach)


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Spencer: Say what you need.
Olivia: I want to go home.

You have to get a handle on your demons, Olivia before you end up where I am.

Leslie (to Olivia)

Self-care is not selfish, Spencer.

Dr. Spears (to Spencer)

Asher: What if I make the wrong call?
Jordan: Whatever happens, you’ll make the best of it. You’ve got to start trusting your gut.

Jordan: Spencer, you did the right thing.
Spencer: Did I?

Olivia: I’m sorry about how everything went down at the cabin.
Asher: I have to get to class. I’m great you’re OK.

Your falling off the wagon is a big deal.

Spencer (to Olivia)

Spencer: Sounds like a family matter to me.
Jordan: You are family, Spence.

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