Apple Watch Series 7 Will Be Available In Limited Quantities


Apple Watch Series 7 will be available in limited quantities, but it will still be announced alongside iPhone 13.


Apple Watch Series 7 launches at the iPhone 13 event, but only limited availability


Although reports suggest that the Apple Watch Series 7 may be experiencing production problems, Apple is still expected to announce the new device next week alongside the iPhone 13. Bloomberg reports that Apple intends to proceed with the announcement but that the Apple Watch Series 7 would only be made available in minimal quantities at launch.

Mark Gurman, Bloomberg’s chief economist, outlines three scenarios. The announcement may be delayed due to production issues, it can move forward with limited availability, or it could be announced but not made public until later.


Even though the date has not been set yet, the iPhone 13 launch event will soon. Apple launches its next flagship iPhone at this event. However, rumors have suggested that the Apple Watch Series 7 may be facing manufacturing problems due to the new design. Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, however, was optimistic that the Apple Watch Series would be available as soon as September. He has shared a follow-up saying that Apple will launch the Watch Series 7, but it will not be widely available.

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Gurman states that the Apple Watch Series 7 will be unveiled during the September event but that there will be a mix of models, either late shipping or small quantities.


You may not be able to wait for the new watch to arrive. Debby Wu, my colleague, and I both reported that the new display was causing production problems. There are usually three possible outcomes when a new product is introduced. The development is delayed until the issues are resolved; it launches on schedule in small quantities or is announced on time but goes on sale later.


My understanding is that an announcement will be made at the September event, along with the iPhone. However, there will be a mixture of models shipping later or in smaller quantities. This should not be surprising to anyone who was there to launch the original Apple Watch in 2015.


Flat-edged design Apple Watch Series 7 feature will be available in sizes 41mm and 45mm. Bloomberg previously reported that the Apple Watch Series 7 would come with exclusive watch faces. Apple will instead be focusing on the new design, larger displays, and no new health sensors.


Gurman also doubles down on today’s newsletter, stating that the Apple Watch Series 7 does not support blood pressure monitoring. After a report by Nikkei incorrectly suggested that this technology would be available in the coming year, Gurman doubles down on it.


Gurman stated that Apple will continue with its September launch event but that there could be some variations in the model shipping dates or small quantities.