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  1. Ariel Winter is a young actress from New York City. She has been acting since she was 5 years old.
  2. She started out with minor roles on TV shows and movies, a natural blonde.
  3. At eleven, she landed the role of Alex Dunphy in the animated film Modern Family.
  4. Despite the criticism surrounding her booty shots, she has remained very modest about the controversy surrounding her adolescence.
  5. Ariel Winter has a purple belt in Taekwondo. She started reading when she was a toddler.
  6. Besides being a famous child actress, she is also very active on social media platforms.
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  9. Ariel Winter was raised by her mother, Shanelle Workman, who filed for temporary guardianship of Ariel.
  10. While her mother was physically abusive to her daughter, she is now emancipated by the court.
  11. Her other siblings have also made it big in Hollywood. Shanelle Workman is an actress, voice actress, director, and producer, and she even starred in a soap opera called Listen Up!
  12. Ariel Winter is a mother of four. She is the younger sister of Jimmy Workman and Chrisoula Batistas.
  13. She is the third child of Glenn Workman and Chrisoula Batista. She is of Greek and German descent.
  14. She has brown hair and dark brown eyes. Ariel Winter is one of the youngest children of the famous mermaid Leahy.
  15. Ariel Winter is a true “sweetheart.”
  16. Ariel Winter has had a few affairs over the years.
  17. She is currently dating actor Levi Meaden, who starred in ‘Aftermath’.
  18. They two live together in Los Angeles. Ariel previously dated Australian actor Callum McAuliffe in 2011.
  19. She dated American actor Cameron Palatas between 2012 and 2013 and Canadian actor Levi Meaden between 2014 and 2016. Currently, she is dating Luke Benward.
  20. Her breasts are 38 inches tall. She wears a 34D bra and a cup size D.
  21. Her mom had breast reduction surgery when she was young.
  22. Ariel Winter is a fan of hot dogs, and she is also a fan of ice cream.
  23. Ariel Winter’s weight is a mere 134.4 pounds. Ariel Winter is also a child prodigy.
  24. Her parents are both actors.
  25. Ariel Winter is a native of Los Angeles, California.
  26. She is the youngest sister of Jimmy and Shanelle Workman.
  27. She got her first acting job at the age of four and starred in a CBS show called Listen Up! During the last 10 years, Ariel has acted in several movies and TV series.
  28. She has appeared in many different television shows and voiced infamous cartoons.
  29. Ariel Winter has been an actress and singer since she was a child.
  30. She has also voiced Sofia the First in the animated film Mr Peabody and Sherman.
  31. Her parents, Chrisoula and Crystal Workman are her parents. She has two sisters.
  32. You can find out about their childhood lives in their bios. Ariel Winter’s family history is filled with scandals and divorce, and Ariel Winter has a long history of controversy in the media.
  33. Ariel Winter is an American actress. She has been a part of various TV shows since her childhood.
  34. Her family is famous for her tv show.
  35. She has been in over 40 commercials and movie roles.
  36. Ariel Winter is the youngest member of the modern-day.
  37. In her early years, she was a youngster and adopted her parents. They are her biggest supporters. In addition, they help her to achieve their goals.
  38. Ariel Winter’s first TV appearance was in a Disney film starring her father.
  39. Ariel Winter worked in different productions before she became famous on the internet. During this time, she had many different roles and gained international fame.
  40. In addition to her role in Modern Family, she also voiced the animated film Sofia the First.
  41. Ariel Winter’s popularity in America was attributed to her acting skills. However, the actress was discovered at a very young age.