Asus PadFone 2 Latest Tech Update Coming to Europe, Asia This Year


Asus PadFone 2 Latest Tech Update Coming to Europe, Asia This Year

In the PadFone 2 launch event in Taipei, ASUS let out some information about the availability worldwide for its new tablet-phone combo. A few countries in Europe and Asia will be able to buy it by the closing date of December, which includes: Denmark, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, and U.A.E. Do not fret if you’re not included, as ASUS states that more countries will be made public at a later date So stay tuned.

PadFone 2


The latest update: Jonney Shih just announced in Milan that, for Europe that PadFone 2 tablet bundles will be available in Europe. PadFone 2-tablet bundle is going to retail around EUR799 ($1,040) in the case of 32GB models and EUR899 ($1,170) in the 64GB version. If you don’t include tax, these prices aren’t far off the Taiwanese counterparts; however, the subsidized prices, if there are any, will be clearly significantly more appealing than the prices listed above.

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Enlarge and Charge

ASUS, the famed Design Thinking philosophy, has significantly reduced PadFone 2 Station’s weight and thickness. With just 649g, the importance of the PadFone 2.2 and PadFone 2 Station is lighter than many tablets available, and the Dock mechanism is revamped to only require one quick step to be used. PadFone 2 has been tweaked to improve the size of its screen to 4.7″ while reducing its weight and thickness to only 9mm at its highest point and 135g at its thickest point, respectively.

The battery life is impressive as well. The larger capacity PadFone 2 battery 2140mAh offers up to 16 hours of 3G talk-time and 13 hours of browsing on Wi-Fi. PadFone 2 Station’s battery of 5000mAh can provide up to 36 hours of 3G talk time. PadFone 2 Station’s battery can charge the docked PadFone 3 times.

Asus has announced that it will launch the PadFone 2 – a combination Android tablet and smartphone that docks will be available on European and Asian shelves by the end of the year.

Padfone 2 is a 4.7-inch Android smartphone that becomes a 10.1-inch tablet when connected to Padfone 2 Station. Padfone 2 Station. “[It’s] beautiful, fast, seamless and, best of all, it’s intuitive,” Asus Chairman Jonney Shih stated at an event to launch the Padfone 2 in Milan.

There is a good chance that you have heard of convertible laptops, which can transform from laptops to tablets and reverse. Have you heard of PadFone? It’s an original Asus idea that converts an Android phone into a tablet and reverse. Today, ASUS officially announced PadFone 2. It is expected that the Padfone 2 will be available in Asia and Europe in the coming months.

Padfone 2 is slimmer and less heavy than its predecessor and its competitors. The weight of PadFone 2 and docking station is lower than other tablets in the market, Asus said. The Padfone 2 also features a larger Super IPS+ screen with a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels. 

The new camera comes with the burst mode that can capture six frames per second and record high-quality 1080p videos. It’s PadFone 2 will be available in capacities that go up to 64GB. It will also come with the power of 50 G.B. Asus WebStorage Free to two years.

Asus promises the possibility of up to sixteen hours of talk time on 3G and 13 hours of wireless Internet browsing. When docked, it will give up to 36 hours of talk time on 3G. The Station can also completely charge the docked PadFone two to three many times over, Asus said.

A SuperNote application converts the notes written by hand into text, which can be edited. The tool for translation can translate phrases, words, or phrases in an email, web page, or even an app in just one click.

It is expected that the Padfone 2 and Station connect to mobile data with only one plan per device.

PadFone 2 will be available for purchase in PadFone 2 will launch first in Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden, Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand along with the U.A.E. The availability of other countries will be revealed at a later time.


PadFone 2 will be launched at the close of December across Europe (Bulgaria, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Spain, Sweden) and Asia (Hong Hong Kong, India, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, U.A.E.). Other countries will be made public at a later time.

SuperPhone, Super Performance

The 1.5GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 quad-core processor and 2 G.B. of RAM will give you the best PadFone 2 performance both in tablet and smartphone modes. The brand new 4.7″ 1280×720 Super IPS+ HD display features the scratch-resistant Corning(r) Fit Glass and provides sharp, clear images with accurate colors, wide viewing angles, and 550 units brightness for excellent outdoor viewing.

A new high-performance camera that has 13 megapixels produces stunningly detailed images without shutter delay. The burst mode can capture up to 100 images at a lightning-fast six frames per second while simultaneously recording H.D. 1080p video at 30fps or 60fps 720p H.D. videos at 720p. Performance in low light is also improved thanks to the large f/2.4 aperture and a particular image processor. The PadFone 2, as well as PadFone 2 Station, offer exceptional audio quality, too, thanks to ASUS SonicMaster technology and audio tuning by Waves, the winner of the technical Grammy Award(r).

Friendly enhancements for users

PadFone 2 is also an updated version of the SuperNote app, which instantly transforms handwritten notes in various languages into text editable. Its Instant Translation tool can also translate any word or phrase in an email, website webpage, or application with just one touch, without the need for an additional tool for translation.

Easy to Share, Easy to Save

With capacities of up to fifty G.B. in ASUS WebStorage at no cost over two years, PadFone 2 gives you endless possibilities to store information. Synchronizing data across devices can no longer be necessary as PadFone 2 memory is utilized to store data by PadFone 2 Station whenever both devices are connected. Sharing mobile data connectivity between tablets and smartphones implies that only one data plan is required to connect both devices. Support for up to 42Mbps the DC-HSPA+ standard and up to 100Mbit/s LTE provides super-fast internet downloading and browsing.