Celebrity Dominique Chinn Facts


Celebrity Dominique Chinn Facts

There are several interesting facts about Dominique Chinn’s net worth and relationship history. This is a great way to keep up with the latest gossip on Dominique. You can learn about her personality and personal life by checking out her Instagram profile.

Celebrity Facts You Didn’t Know About Dominique Chinn

It’s always nice to know your favorite celebrity, and you’ll have more fun knowing more about them. Don’t forget to check out her website for the latest updates. The most popular social media accounts are hers, and there’s even a lot more.


32 Facts List About Celebrity, Model, Actress Dominique Chinn

  1. This article aims to give you some interesting facts about Dominique Chinn, an American model, and social media star.
  2. On August 20, 1989, she was born in Houston, Texas, and will turn 32 years old on August 20, 2021.
  3. Dominique Chinn has a thriving personal life aside from modeling and promoting various brands through her Instagram account.
  4. She is a native of New York City and is of Afro-American ethnicity.
  5. She practices Christianity, which is why she has a beautiful body and black eyes.
  6. In addition to that, she also has tattoos and enjoys working out.
  7. Although her personal life is private, she maintains a healthy diet and follows a balanced exercise regime.
  8. Chinn is a social media star and is also the co-founder of the Platinum City Gentleman’s Club. After sharing travel adventures with her boyfriend, Gabriel Fox, she gained fame on Instagram.
  9. She has a net worth of $1 million to $5 million and is expected to grow shortly.
  10. Born in Houston, Texas, Dominique Chinn has been active on social media for a long time.
  11. She began posting pictures of herself in different places at a young age, from the runway to the mall.
  12. Eventually, she started dating other men and gaining popularity.
  13. She also endorsed clothing brands like Tommy Hilfiger.
  14. Her followers are constantly growing, and she is continually adding new photos to her feed.
  15. While Chinn has been active in the entertainment industry for a short time, she has already amassed a fortune.
  16. She prefers to live a simple, modest lifestyle, although it is hard to estimate how much money she makes daily.
  17. It is unknown her salary, assets, and net worth, though it is expected to be between $1 million and $5 million by 2020.
  18. Apart from modeling, Dominique Chinn is an entrepreneur.
  19. She owns two clubs in North Carolina. One is called the Platinum City Gentleman’s Club.
  20. She also runs the restaurant and bars Platinum Grill.
  21. She is a Leo, which means she is a born leader, and the zodiac sign is a great sign to have a successful career.
  22. Despite her age, she has a healthy sense of humor and is a great role model.
  23. She has a Twitter account with nearly 90k followers and promotes her work.
  24. The only way to reach her Instagram followers is by following her.
  25. However, it is not clear how she maintains her personal and professional life.
  26. The former model has a private Instagram account and has over 2.2 million followers, which is the most popular platform to promote her brand.
  27. She is an accomplished model and has a massive fan base on her Instagram.
  28. She is an active member of the Instagram community and has over 2.4 million followers.
  29. She currently stands at the height of 1.63m. Her fans are very supportive of her work and her style.
  30. The Instagram model and influencer Dominique Chinn is a well-known figure on Instagram, with a following of over 2.4 million people.
  31. She has a net worth of $48 million.
  32. Her personal life is very private, and she has several relationships, and she was recently divorced.