Color Star Technology Company Creates Live Musical Transferring To Offline Theatre Also

Color Star, An Entertainment Technology Company


Color Star Technology Company Creates Live Musical Transferring To Offline Theatre


Color Star will be leading the musical “Dream,” which will feature a host of acclaimed artists from all over the globe to create an innovative and situational musical. The show will be different from traditional theatre-style performances by using an impromptu performance format and inviting all audience members to participate as “actors.”

Color Star Technology Company Limited Profile – Short Intro

Color Star Technology Co Ltd (formerly Huitao Technology Co Ltd) is a holding company that primarily provides education services. The Company offers both online as well as offline education services. The Company is involved in early childhood education services, showing a system for daycares and preschools in China. This includes artificial intelligence (AI), robotic technologies, intellectual campus management software (SaaS), and education planning through its wholly-owned subsidiary. The entertainment and music education industry includes leasing musical performance equipment and licensing intellectual property (IP).

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Color Star, an entertainment technology company, will form new partnerships with internationally renowned athletes in entertainment. Color Star’s interactive celebrity platform, Color Star APP, has been signed with many international athletes, including Shaquille Oleal and David Villa. They will be featured on the Color Star platform, where they can interact with users worldwide. To launch NFT products for these athletes, the Company collaborates with top athletes from various sports. The first product line will include Tourbillon watches and jerseys designed by athletes and training videos. Color Star believes that celebrity products will help to maintain the Company’s copyright capabilities.

About Color Star Technology

Color Star Technology Co, Ltd., (Nasdaq CM: CSCW) is an entertainment and education company. It offers online entertainment performances as well as music education services. Its wholly-owned subsidiaries Color China Entertainment Ltd., CACM Group NY, Inc., and Color China Entertainment Ltd., manage its business operations. Color World Music and Entertainment Education Platform is the Company’s online education.
ColorStar is headquartered in Hong Kong and has other branches in Beijing, Taiwan, Shanghai Shandong, South Korea, South Korea, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand Indonesia.
ColorStar’s “Color International Music Festival” in Asia is Asia’s best music festival. ColorStar and its partners host over 150 star-studded concerts each year!

Mr. Basil Wilson, Color Star CEO, stated, “The current and future NFT products launched in the Company’s portfolio are all celebrity-related. These products are expected to enrich and diversify current NFT product offerings. While many companies are creating NFT products, the NFT products are more popular and collectible than others. Color Star will integrate NFT products in the entertainment metaverse, which is already entirely constructed. This will promote greater cooperation and synergies among the NFT and metaverse worlds.

Color Star has launched several NFT products over the years, from music and video to sport. The Company will continue to invest in product research and development and expects that more NFT products will soon be available to customers worldwide.