Creative Ways to Earn Online Without Actually Working


The internet has become an essential part of life. In 2021 alone, research found that 31% of American adults were almost constantly online. Aside from this, 85% of respondents claimed that they were on the internet daily. The internet has become the main form of communication and entertainment. Additionally, people have also been using it for remote work during the pandemic.

But, another great thing about the internet is that it presents other opportunities to earn an income outside a traditional nine-to-five job. While they may not be able to support you completely at the start, it’s a great way to have a passive salary. Here are just a few creative ways you can use the internet to earn money without having to actually work:

Become an influencer

With so many different social media platforms, becoming an influencer has become more accessible to everyone. While it can take some time and effort to build a follower base, it can start as a hobby. You can post photos on Instagram if you want to be known for fashion and style inspiration. If you’re someone who likes to make people laugh, try posting skits on YouTube or TikTok.

Ekaterina Novikova is a great example of someone who had a secondary job as an influencer outside her main career as a model. In 2021, she made over $335,000 on online brand partnerships, showing just how lucrative this hobby can become once it takes off. Influencers earn money through collaborations and ads, so building up your following slowly but surely can bring in a substantial income.

Try online poker

Another creative way people can earn money is through playing online poker. If you are good at the game and have a good understanding of its mechanics, it’s a surefire way of adding to your income stream. There are multiple sites that let you play with real money and are convenient to use like 888Poker and PokerStars.

While players such as Daniel Negreanu or Justin Bonomo are poker pros, part of their millions-worth game earnings also come from online poker. According to their net worth listed on, they are worth $50 million and $55 million, respectively. While a bulk of their income comes from playing tournaments, their regular online matches also make a sizable contribution, especially since they often take part in high-stakes games. However, you don’t need to put in tons of money at the get-go, it can just be a fun way to earn. Just remember to use disposable money since you will likely lose some games.

Join online bingo games

If you’re not into poker or are not confident in your skills, you can try playing other games. Bingo requires no expertise so it is perfect for everyone. You increase your chances of winning by buying more cards than other players. Joining a game with fewer players can also add to the probability that you will win the game.

There are some websites that offer bingo rooms with jackpot prizes. A notable win happened in 2012, when Lisa Potter entered a match with five dollars, only to come out of it with $1.3 million in a few minutes. In the same year, a man named John Orchard was also able to win $5.9 million. This fun game can be the key to earning big money online without having to do much work. You just need to sit back and hope that the numbers being called out will be on your card.

Participate in surveys

Another thing you can do if you want to earn a little bit of money here and there is to participate in online surveys. Organizations typically partner up with websites that distribute their questionnaires and the pay for eligible participants normally depends on the complexity of the study. lists a few websites you can visit and the average amount you can earn from them. On OneOpinion, respondents can get $2.03 per hour while places like Survey Junkie and i-Say give around a dollar. Earning money through this avenue can certainly be tedious for some, but if you have the time on your hands it can amount to a more significant total.

The internet overall is a great place to find creative ways to earn a passive income. These are just some that are accessible and fun to do.