Fact Checking Policy

How We Adapt Fact Checking Policy

Fact-checking Policy


Proper direction is a necessary part of this Article Set editorial process. Our editorial procedure incorporates several fact-checking steps before publishing.

Fact-checking Policy Poster

We always attempt to mention or charge that exact primary source. After we’re reporting inside a comment, we always create it clear whose opinion we’re presenting. When it’s among our own journalist’s thoughts we’re publishing, then we make this clear. We’ve got a top-notch editor for whom readers can email in questions or remarks regarding our articles.

Compensation Coverage

Article Set is a news site where journalistic fundamentals and standards. We work hard showing quotes with 100-percent accuracy. We usually do not simply take extracts or comments out of context. Article Set is considered described as a free and unbiased news site. We always mention outside sources when our occupation relies upon the texts of all others. We honor copyright. Where a piece of writing presents a struggle, we’ll always provide each side the opportunity to comment.


When we’ve published wrong things, then we’ll immediately mend it with transparency. Minor alterations for your text (as an example, a text correction) will be inclined to be so on made without an editor’s viewpoint within the report. Different upgrades or alterations intend to be clarified within the accounts, consistently using absolute transparency.

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