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Alexander David Turner was born on January 6, 1986. He was an English musician as well as a singer, songwriter, and producer of records. He has also recorded with his own side project, The Last Shadow Puppets, and is an independent artist.

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Turner’s lyricism, which ranges from the kitchen sink to surrealist wordplay, is extensively acknowledged. Every one of the eight studio albums he has released has been atop charts on UK Albums Chart. He has received seven Brit Awards, one Ivor Novello Award, an Ivor Novello Award, and a Mercury Prize (having been nominated six times).

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  1. His class teacher, Mark Coleman, remembers him as a famous pupil who was a pro at basketball, specifically.
  2.  He also had an English classmate, Steve Baker, who described him as “relatively quiet … A little more unique with a gleam and a sharpness that would be a great asset to him.
  3. Turner was then a student for 2 years studying at Barnsley College (2002-2004), where he took classes in English and psychologies (for one year), music technology, and media.
  4. Following college Turner’s parents reluctantly agreed to defer his studies for a year to pursue his musical goals.
  5. In the meantime, the barman was employed as a barman at The Boardwalk in Sheffield. Sheffield club The Boardwalk.
  6. Before Arctic Monkeys signed a record contract, Turner was “half-heartedly” applying for university applications and hoped to go to Manchester.
  7. Alex Turner and Matt Helders were friends from 7 years old. They lived next door to each other and went to the same primary school.
  8. They sang the Oasis track “Morning Glory” with their classmates in their last principal school gathering.
  9. They were introduced to Andy Nicholson at secondary school, and throughout their teens, The three friends listened to rap artists like Dr. Dre, Wu-Tang Clan, Outkast, Cypress Hill, and the Roots Manuva.
  10. They would spend their time on weekends “making terrible hip-hop” beats on the dad’s Cubase system.
  11. Following the breakout in the form of The Strokes, Turner was attracted to other guitar groups, including The Hives and The White Stripes.
  12. Jamie Cook, a neighbor who was a neighbor, introduced him to Queens of the Stone Age and The Coral, and he first was able to listen to The Libertines on Nick O’Malley’s Walkman on a bus ride to High Green to Barnsley College.
  13. Alex Turner attended his first performance in 2002 while watching The Vines in Manchester.
  14. In 2003 at the age of 16 years old, he went to London together with Helders and Nicholson to see The Strokes play at Alexandra Palace, and they also met Pete Doherty in the audience.
  15. Turner’s parents purchased him a guitar during Christmas 2001.
  16. The full title of his name his full name is Alexander David “Alex” Turner.
  17. Born on January 6, 1986.) was an English musician from the UK.
  18. Alex Turner was born in Sheffield to Penny and David Turner.
  19. He is an unmarried child born by his mother in High Green, a suburb of Sheffield.
  20. At 15 years old, Turner’s weekend was filled with the girls and drinking cider along with his buddies.
  21. His mother hails born in Amersham, as is his father. I was brought growing up in Sheffield.
  22. Both parents were employed in local secondary schools. His mother was an instructor in German teacher while his father was a teacher of physics and musicals in the Rawmarsh Community School.
  23. At the age of eight, Alex Turner took piano lessons and was exposed to “all kinds” of music in the home, including recordings from Frank Sinatra, The Carpenters, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, and The Beach Boys, David Bowie, and The Eagles.
  24. His father was a “jazz-head,” had been in big bands, and played the clarinet, saxophone, and piano.
  25. Turner attended Stocksbridge High School (1997-2002).
  26. In the middle of 2002, Turner, Cook, Nicholson, and Helders were inspired to form the band after seeing friends like Milburn playing in local pubs.
  27. In 2003, in the summer, Turner played seven gigs in York and Liverpool as an accompanist for the funk group Judan Suki after encountering Jon McClure, their lead singer on an unmarked bus.
  28. Names like Arctic Monkeys were conceived by Cook.
  29. Alex Turner initially did not wish to be an artist; however, a few classmates, like Glyn Jones, tried it out before the frontman.
  30. Their debut gig took place on June 13, 2003, performing with The Sound at a local pub named The Grapes.
  31.  The set of eight songs included five songs that they composed themselves and three covers. Songs.
  32. In summer 2003, Turner was a regular performer at York and Liverpool as an instrumentalist for the funk group Judan Suki following a meeting with Jon McClure, their lead singer on an unmarked bus.
  33. The band was formed in August of 2003. In collaboration with Judan Suki from Sheffield’s 2fly Studios, Turner made a recording and asked Alan Smyth if he could create his own group.
  34. Smyth introduced the group with Geoff Barradale, with whom he once performed in the group called Sea fruit. Barradale was their manager following their third performance (at The Boardwalk) and allowed them to make four additional demos of three songs between late August 2003 and November 2004.
  35. After graduating from the college, in 2004, Turner worked as a barman at the Sheffield Music venue, The Boardwalk, and hung out with well-known musicians, including Richard Hawley.
  36. In May 2005, the band self-released their debut EP Five Minutes with Arctic Monkeys.
  37. Their debut album, What People Say I’m Not, is The Truth (WPSIATWIN), first released in January 2006 and became the most-sold first album of British music history.
  38. Whatever People Say I’m is Not Me. It is usually thought to be a concept record focused on nightspots in the UK.
  39. They released their second record, Favourite Worst Nightmare, was released in April 2007. They recorded a concert at The Manchester Apollo, where Richard Hawley appeared as a guest.
  40. Turner made an album along with Miles Kane, James Ford as well as Owen Pallett.
  41. The band was named The Last Shadow Puppets, and the release of their album The Age of the Understatement was released on April 21, 2008. It reached number one within the first week.
  42. On October 28, 2008, Turner was first introduced as a short story author and performed a spoken word song “An A Choice of Three” in his bandmate’s compilation Late Night Tales: Matt Helders. 
  43. Turner collaborated with Dizzee Rascal for the song “Temptation Greets You as Your Naughty Friend” from Arctic Monkeys’ Brianstorm EP and “Temptation” of the album of Rascal. Maths as well as English. 
  44. Turner also features as a guest on Reverend and the Makers song “The Machine” from their debut album The State Of Things.
  45. Arctic Monkeys’ third album, Humbug, was released in August 2009.
  46.  The album was recorded by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age, who Arctic Monkeys played a show within Houston in October 2007.
  47. Turner later composed and performed all six tracks on the soundtrack of Submarine, the debut feature film directed by Richard Ayoade, a friend, and director of several Arctic Monkeys music videos.
  48. He was credited in The Guardian as one of the most famous Lyricists, and Turner said: “They spelled my name wrong, too. On the face, they didn’t get the first letter r of Turner, which meant that the name was Alex Tuner, which is important, considering that it was too early to accept me into the company”.
  49. Turner has earned a reputation for being an interviewer who is not a fan.
  50. After the launch of Arctic Monkeys’ debut album, Turner and his bandmates began to be criticized for their lack of interest in self-promotion and distrust of the media. 
  51. When Turner was famous for his “cocky on-stage bravado,” he was usually “quietly spoke” during interviews.
  52. Instant and fidgety, he’s the quietest participant in the group. He’s pondering his responses for too long and then ends in doubting his own words.
  53. In 2012. Arctic Monkeys were lived in Los Angeles, with Turner and Helders residing in the same house. Arctic Monkeys toured across the US as a support band of The Black Keys in early 2012.
  54. In the before days of his professional career, Turner sang in a distinctive Sheffield dialect.
  55.  Simon Armitage said: “I can’t think of any other singer whose identity as a regional one is so clearly and effortlessly expressed through his voice.
  56. In 2006 the band released a five-track EP released. In the same year, Andy Nicholson left the band, as did the bassist Nick O’Malley replaced him.