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Jonathan Edward Bernthal was born on September 20, 1976. He was an American actor. His career began in the latter part of 2000. He gained acclaim as the character Shane Walsh on the A.M.C. horror show The Walking Dead (2010-2012; The Walking Dead, which ended in 2018), in which he was a prominent cast member for the first two seasons.

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Bernthal was raised living in Cabin John, Maryland. He was a student at the Sidwell Friends School, graduating in 1995. He often described his youth as being a “troublemaker.” He participated in Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs, New York, but left high school. Following a recommendation from his acting instructor, Alma Becker, he signed up for the Moscow Art Theatre in Russia. While there, the catcher was for the Russian pro-league baseball squad.

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Jon Bernthal Facts List

  1. The full name of his character can be found as Jonathan Edward Bernthal.
  2. The birth date was September 20, 1976.
  3. He was raised in Washington, D.C., to Joan Lurie (nee Marx) and Eric Lawrence “Rick” Bernthal.
  4. His great-grandfather was music producer Murray Bernthal.
  5. He attended The Moscow Art Theatre School located in Moscow, Russia.
  6. He also played professional baseball for the European professional baseball league in The Moscow Art Theatre School.
  7. In Moscow In Moscow, he was observed by the head of the Harvard’s Institute for Advanced Theatre Training at the American Repertory Theatre and was asked to earn his M.F.A. there.
  8. Following his graduation in 2002, he has appeared in more than 30 productions off-Broadway and regionally, including many in his award-winning company, Fovea Floods.
  9. He currently lives in Venice, California.
  10. As of 2009, Bernthal played a minor part in the Ben Stiller comedy Night at Museum: Battle of the Smithsonian as Al Capone. In the same year, he made his regulars on the T.V. show Eastwick that was canceled after one season.
  11. Bernthal got married to Erin Angle, the niece of professional wrestler Kurt Angle, on September 25, 2010, in Potomac, Maryland.
  12. There are two children: Henry and Billy (born in August 2011 and in January 2013, respectively) and an infant girl, Adeline (born February 2015).
  13. Bernthal is a relative to Adam Schlesinger, bassist of the group Fountains of Wayne.
  14. His brother, Nicholas, works as an orthopedic surgeon at UCLA.
  15. He and the brother run an organization for non-profits named Drops Fill Buckets, described as an “impact-driven and business-minded way to make an impact.”
  16. His parents came born into Ashkenazi Jewish families (Jon’s maternal grandfather was born in Munich, Germany, and Jon’s ancestors also emigrated out of Austria, Russia, Poland, and Lithuania).
  17. He was the first live-action actor to play Frank Castle/The Punisher that was created after the character was first created.
  18. One of Jon’s siblings has Tom Bernthal, a three-time Emmy Award-winning producer at N.B.C. and the director and founder of Kelton Global, a business consulting company.
  19. The nose of his victim has been fractured at least 13 times up as of the current date.
  20. Appearing as Frank Castle in the T.V. series “Daredevil” as well as starring alongside”Daredevil”‘s original “Daredevil” film actor Ben Affleck in “The Accountant” (2016).
  21. His most favored films include The Silence Of The Lambs (1991), D.C. Cab (1983), A Prophet (2010), Goodfellas (1990), and True Romance (1993).
  22. He is a lover of the South.
  23. He doesn’t tweet.
  24. One thing that he is most annoyed about is when actors discuss how difficult their work is.
  25. He is 1.80 meters.
  26. He weighs 84kg or 185 lbs.
  27. He owns a dog named Boss.
  28. The year 2002 was when Jon appeared in his film debut in Mary/Mary for his character Manny.
  29. Jon engaged in a rigorous and intense training regimen to prepare him for the part of Punisher. He began his workout early in the day with exercises for strength, focusing on heavy lifts like Squats and bench presses. 
  30. The activities were completed over five sets, each of which comprised three repetitions with the most weight that could be achieved. 
  31. The routine for strength training was based on super-setting exercises for weight lifting using bodyweight exercises.
  32. The biggest problem he has is drinking too much coffee.
  33. Bernthal and Nicholas, Bernthal’s brother Nicholas manage the non-profit organization Drops Fill Buckets, described as an “impact-driven and business-minded method of making a difference.”
  34. Three pit bulls of his own, who frequently accompany him on film sets.
  35.  Two dogs, Boss and Venice, appeared in the 2012 movie Rampart.
  36. Bernthal was discovered at his theater, the Moscow Art Theatre, by the director of Harvard’s Institute for Advanced Theater Training at American Repertory Theater in Cambridge, Massachusetts; he studied as a graduate-level certification student and graduated in 2002.
  37. I fell to be in love with Russian culture and Russian people. I was as if I was an actor. 
  38. There’s an appreciation for the arts in Russia, which I didn’t think that many of my peers at that time in America had.
  39. Many actors are in fantastic condition, but they need to bulk up even more for their role.
  40.  This is the norm for the superhero genre, and actors typically engage in intense exercise routines to stay in shape.
  41. Jon Bernthal explained to the Journal of the Men that the workout program was very intense and comprised activities such as fitness work, metabolic conditioning, and Jujitsu exercises.
  42. “If this man doesn’t wake, you’re going to be away for the rest of your life.”
  43. Jon Bernthal might not be for long after the morning of the rehearsal.

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