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Rosemarie Braddock DeWitt was born on October 26th, 1971. She has a reputation as an American actress. DeWitt was Emily Lehman in the Fox television show Standoff (2006-07), co-starred with her husband of the future Ron Livingston and Charmaine Craine in the United States of Tara. She was also the main character in the 2008 film Rachel Getting Married, garnering many nominations and awards for the best-supporting actress. She was in the thriller Poltergeist (2015), an adaptation of a 1982 film with the same title.

You Must Know Facts About Rosemarie DeWitt

DeWitt resided in Hanover Township, New Jersey. She graduated from Whippany Park High School. She was a part of several productions at the high school. She was a student at the New College at Hofstra University, where she graduated with an Associate of Arts in studies in creative arts.

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Rosemarie DeWitt Facts List

  1. DeWitt resided in Hanover Township, New Jersey, and graduated from Whippany Park High School. 
  2. She appeared in a variety of shows at her high school. She attended Hofstra University’s New College at Hofstra University, where she earned an Associate in Arts concentration in artistic studies.
  3. Rosemarie DeWitt is an American actress from the United States.
  4. We will look at some incredible facts about her!
  5. She graduated from Whippany Park High School.
  6. She was in numerous high school productions at the high school.
  7. She was a student at the New College at Hofstra University, where she earned an undergraduate degree in Arts studying creative study.
  8. While attending Hofstra University, she also joined Alpha Phi.
  9.  She also received additional training through The Actors Center in New York.
  10. Rosemarie DeWitt was a part of a variety of off-Broadway shows off-Broadway.
  11. Rosemarie DeWitt starred in Showtime’s show the United States of Tara as Tara’s sister Charmaine.
  12. In season 1 in the AMC series, Mad Men, she appeared as Midge Daniels, Don Draper’s bohemian lover. She returned for one episode in Season 4. She co-starred alongside Ron Livingston in the 2006-2007 Fox series Standoff.
  13. She is the complete form of Rosemarie Braddock.
  14. Her birth date was October 26th, 1971.
  15. Rosemarie DeWitt was born in Flushing, Queens, New York, to Rosemarie (Braddock) and Kenny DeWitt.
  16. She played the part of her neighbor Sara Wilson in the movie Cinderella Man, which depicted James J. Braddock’s life.
  17. Rosemarie DeWitt lived in Hanover Township, New Jersey.
  18. She graduated from Whippany Park High School.
  19. Her height is 1,67m.
  20. She was FBI hostage negotiator Emily Lehman. DeWitt has been on TV as Emily Lehman in Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Sex, the City Rescue Me, and Love Monkey.
  21. Rosemarie DeWitt appears in the film Margaret alongside Anna Paquin and Mark Ruffalo.
  22. Not included film credits include Purple Violets, Off the Black, Shut Up and Sing, The Great New Wonderful, Blackbird, and How I Got Lost.
  23. She is Rachel’s character in Jonathan Demme’s directed film Rachel Getting Married (2008) together with Anne Hathaway.
  24.  She received numerous Critics’ Awards and a Satellite Award for Best Supporting Actress.
  25. She was married to her actor Ron Livingston, her co-star in Standoff, on November 2nd in 2009 on the streets of San Francisco.
  26. In May 2013, Rosemarie, along with Ron’s husband Ron, declared that they were adopting the daughter of their marriage.
  27. Gracie James Livingston was born on April 29th, 2013.
  28. Studied at the Actors Center in New York City
  29. She was awarded the Obie prize (along with her co-stars) in the year 2004.
  30.  the best Ensemble Performance in Craig Lucas’ Small Tragedy
  31. Participated as a character in the Russell Crowe film Cinderella Man (2005), which is a true story that is based on the life of her grandfather, the champion boxer James Braddock
  32. Co-starred alongside her spouse Ron Livingston on the short-lived FOX drama Standoff (2006-7) show, where the couple was hostage negotiators in an unspoken relationship.
  33. According to our data according to our records, Rosemarie DeWitt could be single and has not previously engaged.
  34.  In June 2021, Rosemarie DeWitt isn’t with anyone.
  35. Her parents were Kenny DeWitt and Rosemarie Braddock. she married her actor Ron Livingston in 2009. In the past, they were married by actor Chris Messina from 1995 to the year 2006. 
  36. The couple has one daughter called Gracie James Livingston.
  37. In 2016 DeWitt was in Damien Chazelle’s musical romantic La La Land opposite Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone.
  38. On the small screen, DeWitt was featured during three episodes of Showtime comedy show,
  39. Rosemarie DeWitt, an American actress best famous for her performance as Emily Lehman on the Fox television show Standoff (2006-07), Laura Wilder in her romantic musical La La Land (2016), Amy Bowen in the horror film Poltergeist (2015) as well as Susan Webb on the 2014 American biographical crime thriller film Kill the Messenger.
  40.  In her 2008 film drama Rachel Getting Married, she was Rachel and enacted Bernadette in the 2017 crime-drama film Sweet Virginia.

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