Google’s Pixel 6 Teaser Shows The New Smartphones In The Hands


Google’s Pixel 6 Teaser Shows The New Smartphones In The Hands

Google Pixel 6. Google Pixel 6. It’s high time that your phone was as unique as you.

Google’s Pixel 6

While rumors of the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro have been circulating for some time, Google confirmed some speculations last month via tweet. This tweet showed some critical aspects of the devices, including Google’s custom silicon — Tensor. Google also shared renders of its device, giving us a great view of the Pixel 6 Pro and Pixel 6 Pro. Google shared today a teaser video of the Pixel 6 via the Made By Google YouTube channel. It shows the phone in its hands.
Google released their first Pixel 6 commercial this evening, just over a month following the first preview release. This 30-second video gives us our first glimpse at the hardware with the tagline “For All You Are.”

The ad starts by turning up the volume (using Android 12’s new slider interface) and then asking, “What if smartphones weren’t just smart?” Finally, there’s a shot of someone picking up a face-down Pixel 6 Pro in Gold. Unfortunately, the ad does not give a live view of the Pixel 6’s screen. Google has yet to show it off. Nevertheless, the bottom bezel appears thicker than the rest.

“What if your smartphone saw you as you are?” is accompanied by four clips of people holding the Pixel 6 in different colors: white 6 Pro (again), gold 6 Pro (again), green/teal 6, and orange 6.

The video begins with the Pixel 6 being taken from the table. This is the best video of the phone that the video has. The remainder of the teaser is focused on the software aspects of the device. It emphasizes how the new Pixel will adapt to user habits and be a smartphone in terms of software. Highlights of Google’s Material You design language are highlighted throughout the teaser. There are also various UI elements, such as quick toggles and widgets.

Teaser also features the new Google Tensor chip, which will power the Pixel 6 Pro and the Pixel 6 Pro. This allows Google to seamlessly integrate hardware and software components of the phone. The video ends with a predicted launch date of Fall 2021. This is in line with previous Pixel phones’ launches, except for the Pixel 5, which launched last September. Google will likely target a date not too far from the iPhone launch to compete with Apple.

Two of the most highly anticipated Android smartphones are the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. They will feature Google’s custom silicon. Google has done something new with hardware for the first time since then.

This is noteworthy because Google didn’t allow any publication to take live photos of the hardware and provide only official renders in August. These renders make a comeback in this teaser.

The first ad features “Coming Fall 2021” and a “For All You Are” tagline. This will likely be the way Google markets its Pixel 6 in print and videos. The company wants to promote the idea of a personalized, smart device that adapts to your needs. Material You is the main reason, but there may be other intelligent software options.