How To Kill Time Online?


How To Kill Time Online?

Everyone has encountered long waiting queues, car rides that just won’t end, or just slow days. One thing that provides you with unlimited options during such times. Despite that, you will often find yourself switching between apps and still not finding anything to do.

If you are familiar with these situations, then we are here to help you. We understand how difficult it can be to pass time online. Thus, below we have made a list of activities that can help you kill time online.

Window shop

Who said window shopping is only fun while you are doing it in person? With more and more shopping websites and apps coming up, you have unlimited options to scroll through from anywhere. You can find things that you need or things that you would like to have.

From clothing to jewelry to snacks, you can find everything at the tips of your fingers. Moreover, making your dream wish lists or finding gifts for your friends and family is another thing that you can do.

Start an online planner

If you have some time to kill, you can start planning out your days and weeks. Even if you are someone who dislikes planning, the applications of today will make it fun for you. Applications like Notion can help you organize your weeks and months conveniently.

It is never too late for anyone to begin their planning and organizing journey. Moreover, you can do a lot more with these apps than just planning. You can start a habit tracker or even journal with such apps. This tip will not only help you kill your time but also spend it in a productive manner.

Play games

You always have online games with you to kill your time. Whether you have these games on your phone or you are playing it on your browser, you have a variety of options to choose from. Along with that, you can even play casino games online. There are several online casinos Iceland and many offered by other countries as well.

Moreover, since these sites operate online, you can access any of these. You can also win cash through these games if you would like to. However, be careful to read all the terms and conditions as well as the reviews relating to the website/platform.

Check out interesting websites

If everything else fails, the internet is never short of interesting websites that you must have not known about before. From guessing what pizza you are to what is your fortune, these websites can figure out anything. Along with that, several such websites also offer chat rooms where you can meet new people with similar interests as yours.

Below are some of these websites:

  • This American Life
  • How Stuff Works
  • Smithsonian
  • The Toast
  • Buzzfeed
  • Drench


Now you know about some of the best ways in which you can kill your time online. Make sure you are practicing safe browsing habits and visiting sites that do not harm your devices, and you will be all good!