The Internet How Reacting On Facebook Changing Her Name To Meta

Facebook changed its title to Meta. The internet was not happy


The Internet How Reacting On Facebook Changing Her Name To Meta


The news of Facebook’s brand new company title, Meta, was quickly attracting the ire of the internet.

The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which disclosed that Facebook had let companies collect data to create specific political ads, also hurt the company’s reputation.

Facebook To Meta

A new legal case alleges Zuckerberg has been personally involved with the scheme.

The internet users didn’t miss its timing for Facebook’s announcement, as the name change became quickly.

Here’s what the internet said about it.

“The Meta World Peace is the only one we can acknowledge,” tweeted writer Mitchell Clark who shared an image of the former NBA player Meta World Peace (formerly called Ron Artest).

“‘Meta is short for ‘I met a girl from high school, who I had a massive crush on, only to discover her after on Facebook posting links to anti-vax sites and Tom Hanks’s pedophile theories'” tweeted comedy writer Matt Oswalt.

“Stop trying to create meta,” tweeted producer Adam Lance Garcia with a photo of Regina George (played by Rachel McAdams) from the smash movie of 2004 “Mean Girls.”

The name change results from the company changing its focus to the “metaverse,” which refers to the efforts to integrate the technology of augmented and virtual reality to create a new digital realm.

In the meantime, the company is dealing with real-world issues after a whistleblower released several internal memos that provide detailed insight into the company’s culture inside as well as its strategy for dealing with propaganda and moderation of hate speech as well as internal research into the newsfeed algorithm, as well as communications in connection with the January 6 uprising.

While some jokes and memes were lighthearted and fun, others took an ominous tone.

“Renaming the Facebook ‘Meta’ solves the same kind of issues similar to what renaming ‘torture’ as enhanced interrogation’ solved,” tweeted scientist Matt Blaze. The blaze referred to the methods used by the CIA to extract details from suspected terrorists following the 9/11 attacks.

“Gonna take some time to become accustomed to the idea of saying that ‘He was radicalized within the META group”” an official tweet from The Daily Show with Trevor Noah read.

A few companies have even joined in with a joke about the brand new name.

“brb switching our brand name” tweets Aldi Stores UK account with an image of their brand new logo, which reads “Betta.”

“Facebook altered its brand name and changed it as Meta because it’s self-aware and incredibly self-aware,” comedian Chris Redd stated on Twitter.

Some were already dissatisfied with the brand new Facebook corporate name.

“No, Meta, what you call Facebook, it’s not a good thing,” writer Amil Niazi stated.

Some people still doubted how the name itself would hold.

“Facebook changing its name without reason and no one will use the term “Meta,”” another Twitter user wrote.

Even if it was a name that stuck, could it be used?

That’s the thought that the Twitter account of Jack O’Connor pondered.