iPhone that works even after falling from a height of 2,000 feet


iPhone that works even after falling from a height of 2,000 feet

Apple’s iPhones are considered the best in the world and, an example of how durable they are has come out in recent days, which is shocking.

Do you think that if a smartphone falls to the ground while flying in a plane, it will likely survive?

The same thing happened with the Brazilian documentary maker Ernesto Galito, whose iPhone fell off the plane and was surprisingly safe, while the camera recorded the whole incident.

He was flying over Cabo Freo, a coastal area of Rio de Janeiro, for a project, and he was holding an iPhone 6S to take some pictures from the small window of the plane, but the phone lost his hand due to strong winds fell.

At that time, he felt that he had lost his iPhone, but when he used the Find My app, surprisingly, the iPhone was on and lying somewhere in the middle of the beach.He arrived at the scene and found his lost iPhone almost there.Even after the phone fell, I thought I could find it, and if it didn’t fall into the water, it wouldn’t be challenging to find. iPhone fell from a height of 2,000 feet, but nothing happened to it.

There were only a few scratches on this phone, although no superior protection for the phone covered only the phone case and protector.

“It’s something you wouldn’t believe if you tell someone,” said Ernesto Galito.

There are many incidents of iPhone fall from a height, but they survive. In 2018, Hawker Snowerson went to Iceland to take pictures of this beautiful country.His phone fell 200 feet out of the plane when he was making videos from his iPhone 6s.Photographer thought he would get his phone again as it fell from such a height.

But 13 months later, a group of hikers discovered the phone, which was working fine despite surprisingly harsh weather conditions.

The hikers contacted the photographer and said they had found his lost phone and worked through Iceland’s harsh weather for a year. Surprisingly, the phone dropped, and only one feature was affected, and the voice did not go the other way.