Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android

Share your WhatsApp information from an iPhone to a Samsung phone


Is it possible to transfer WhatsApp Data from iPhone to Android

How do you share your WhatsApp information from an iPhone to a Samsung phone

Suppose you’re switching from an iPhone to a Samsung Android device. In that case, you can transfer your account details such as profile photos, conversations, chats with a group chat history, settings, and media. You cannot share your phone history or display name.

Only available to phones that run Android 12

One of the most frustrating aspects of the use of WhatsApp for a long time has been being unable to share chats from the iPhone or the Android phone. Up until now, if you wanted to switch platforms between the two, you’d have to start from scratch, without a chat history on the other forum, or employ a variety of tools to awkwardly transfer your data with no assurance of successful results.

Fortunately, WhatsApp is now rolling out a feature to transfer chat conversations from iPhones onto Android phones. But, this feature is only available for phones that run Android 12, the latest version of the OS.

For the transfer of your chats, you’ll require a USB-C to Lightning cable. It comes supplied with the previous as well as this year’s iPhone models. Once both phones are connected and have followed the steps in the following steps:

What do you need?

  1. Samsung SmartSwitch app version or higher installed on your brand new device.
  2. WhatsApp iOS Version or higher on an older device
  3. WhatsApp Android Version or higher on your latest device
  4. USB-C cable to Lightning cable (or similar adapters)
  5. Make use of the same number for the new device as on the old machine.
  6. Your brand new Android device needs to be brand new or factory reset.

You can open WhatsApp onto your iPhone.

Navigate in Settings, Chats, then click for option Move chats onto Android option.
WhatsApp will create the backup of your chat.
While you’re setting up your Android 12 device, you’ll be asked to move all of WhatsApp history.
The QR code can be scanned at the top of the screen to begin the transfer.

After the transfer is completed, All your media files, conversations, and message messages from your voice will become accessible to you on your new phone.

Google recently announced Android 12 to the public; however, only Pixel phones are running the update at present. If you’re running a device of any other brand, you may have to wait until the release. Certain manufacturers such as Asus and OnePlus have launched the Android 12-based applications available for beta testing; however, you may need to be patient and wait for stable versions before you transfer your content.

How can I migrate my iPhone to Samsung?

  • Switch the on to the power on your Samsung and connect it via cables to the iPhone when you are asked.
  • You can follow along with your Samsung Smart Switch experience.
  • If asked by a QR code, you can scan it that appears on the new device using the camera of the iPhone.
  • Click to start on the iPhone and then let the process be completed.
  • Keep setting for your brand new Samsung.
  • When you get to your home screen, you can open WhatsApp and sign in using the same phone number you used on the old device.
  • When prompted, tap Import and let the process finish.
  • After activating your new device, you can go on, and you’ll be able to see your chats waiting to be activated.