Joe Rogan, in his health update, reveals that he is negative for COVID-19


Joe Rogan, in his health update, reveals that he is negative for COVID-19

To treat his illness, the podcast host used a combination of drugs, including Ivermectin

Podcaster/comedian/UFC personality/vaccine mandate opponent Joe Rogan, who announced 3 days ago he had contracted Covid, revealed that he was in the clear on Friday.


Joe Rogan shared a Friday health update to Instagram that revealed he had tested negative for coronavirus.



Ivermectin, an anti-parasitic medication often used in animal treatment, has been a hot topic recently. FDA advised against the use of coronavirus treatment by humans. It has not been tested and can interact with other medications, which could lead to an overdose.



“Tested negative today! Thank you for your kind wishes! Rogan captioned the photo with his negative test results.


Original announcement by the podcast host was made Wednesday via his Instagram.


Rogan captioned the video update with “I GOT COVID.” “My apologies. We have to move Nashville’s show to Sunday, October 24.” We love you all.


Rogan stated that he felt “very weary,” “a headache,” as well as feeling “run down” before fever and “sweats.”


The comedian stated, “I knew what was happening.”


“We immediately threw our kitchen sink at it. The star said that there were many meds. “Monoclonal antibody, ivermectin Z-pak, prednisone, and all other medications.” Also, I received an anti-D drip as well as a vitamin drip.


Rogan uploaded a photo to Instagram showing what looked like a Covid test kit. It displayed the acronym “CoV2”, with a minus sign following it. The text that was attached read: “Tested negative today!” Thank you for your kind wishes!


Although it is not clear if Rogan was vaccinated at all, he stated earlier this year that “I don’t believe that if you’re a young and healthy person that you need it.”


Later, Dr. Anthony Fauci called this statement “incorrect.”


Fauci stated that “the reason why?” is because you are talking about yourself in a vacuum. “You are worried about your own infectedness and the possibility that you will not get any symptoms. You can still get infected, and you will if you place yourself at risk.


He said that the problem is that even though young, healthy people are unlikely to get seriously ill, it’s possible to inadvertently or innocently infect someone who could be at risk of severe consequences.

Some people are indeed given Ivermectin in small amounts to kill parasites and worms. However, the FDA warns that the animal version is more powerful and can lead to overdoses in humans.

In a video posted to social media, a Covid-inflicted Rogan stated today that he had returned from Saturday’s road trip feeling tired. “I felt like I was going to die. I felt just run-down.

Rogan said, “Just to be safe, I separated with my family and slept in another part of the house.” “Throughout the night, I got fevers and sweats. I understood what was happening. I got up every morning and was tested. It turned out that I had Covid.