Many Apple Products Are Experiencing Delays In Shipping


Many Apple products, including those recently launched, are experiencing delays in shipping

This could indicate that Apple’s ongoing chip shortage may be having a more significant impact on its products.
Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke out during the third-quarter earnings call. He warned that the chip shortage that has plagued the industry over the past few months would impact iPhone shipments in the coming year. Cook likely meant to refer to constraints in the new iPhone 13, but the shortage could also be affecting existing models.

Apple products are experiencing delays in shipping

The current and soon-to-be last-generation devices will be out of stock ahead of any update or refresh. Apple will make room for newer models. As a result, shipments of select iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 configurations can take two weeks.

Similar to the Apple Watch lineup: Some Series 6 aluminum case models are available at least 3-4 weeks ahead, while the Series 6 stainless steel models are either completely sold out or are only three weeks away. To replace the current models, Apple will release the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 next Tuesday, September 14.

The iPhone and Apple Watch will soon be updated, which could lead to delayed shipments. However, certain products are not ascertained. The M1 Apple silicon chip-powered 21.5-inch iMac is expected to arrive in three to four weeks. All products that use the M1 Apple silicon chips are experiencing delays at present.

Many Apple products, including those just launched, are experiencing slow charging times. This could be a sign that Apple’s ongoing shortage of chips may continue to affect its products.

Tim Cook, the Apple CEO, warned that the chip shortages that plagued the industry in the past few months would affect iPhone shipment this year. Cook probably meant restrictions for the next iPhone 13, but the problem could also affect existing models.

In November last year, Apple announced the M1 Apple silicon chips. Since then, Apple has extended it to other products, including the iPad Pro. Multiple M1 products shipping at significantly longer times than usual could further indicate that M1 production is being hampered by a shortage of chips.

In the past few months, several reports have indicated that Apple’s suppliers are having difficulty keeping up with demand. Apple may be looking to acquire additional suppliers to supply mini-LED displays for its upcoming MacBook Pros. According to reports, Apple’s suppliers have not been able to produce satisfactory levels of output.

The current models of the last generation will be out of stock soon as Apple prepares for the update. You can choose File Configurations iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 up to two weeks before shipments are made when you write.

The Apple Watch’s aluminum cases have been available for at most three to four weeks. Stainless steel models, however, are either sold out entirely or within three weeks. Apple will release the iPhone 13 and Apple Watch Series 7 next Tuesday, September 14, to replace existing models.