Melanie Martinez Quotes On Inspiration, Emotions, Love, Music, Instagram, People

Melanie Martinez Quotes


Melanie Martinez Quotes On Inspiration,

Emotions, Love, Music, Instagram, People


Melanie Martinez Inspirational Quotes

  1. “You could crush my candy, Cane, But you’ll probably make me cry.”
  2. “You believe you are more intelligent than I am with every word of poetry you write.? your alphabet, all your ABC’s boy.”
  3. “You create me with building blocks so that you can knock me down.”

Melanie Martinez quotes on Emotions.

  1. “I believe that every female who is asked if she’s feminist… that’s ridiculous… the question is interesting to hear women are asked whether they’re feminists. Of course, every woman is looking to be treated equally.” Melanie Martinez
  2. “I believe that every person is equal and that we should all be supportive and love one another and be able to express ourselves in the way we’d like to and be the person we choose to be. That’s my motto.” – Melanie Martinez.
  3. “I hope to inspire people to be authentic and let their personality shine through however they choose.” Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez quotes about Love.

  1. “I didn’t have a ton of close friends growing up, so receiving this incredible amount of support and love is a huge blessing for me.” Melanie Martinez
  2. “Everyone can be vulnerable. I believe that men and women, as well as cats, dogs, insects, and even aliens, can show their vulnerability and express themselves.” Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez Facts And Quotes

Melanie Martinez quotes about People.

  1. “If you speak about something that’s not safe to discuss, but you are strongly and strongly about it, lots of people are likely to criticize your character and claim you’re as a negative role model simply because they disagree with your beliefs. However, the truth is that everyone is different, and we’re each different in our ways, and each of us has our views.” Melanie Martinez
  2. “I am the author of a track titled “Training Wheels,” and it’s about falling deeply in love and moving it into the higher levels, by taking them off the wheels of education.” Melanie Martinez
  3. “I certainly get in love very quickly and am happy to be in love. It’s a challenge to write about love.” Melanie Martinez
  4. “There are many people who live their entire lives not knowing the definition of love and never having experienced that.” Melanie Martinez
  5. “Many people believe that”If you can’t love yourself, you won’t be able to love other people. There are always exceptions; however, I have had a lot of love in my lifetime.” Melanie Martinez
  6. “I do not want to play games at all. I’m tired of running, chasing you.” Melanie Martinez

Melanie Martinez quotes about Music.

  1. “I utilized music for therapy and was crying.” Melanie Martinez
  2. “Make sure that this (music industry] is something that you are passionate about, and you’re not doing anything other than that.” Melanie Martinez
  3. “I certainly have tried to create music that can inspire women to be confident, strong, and to believe they are capable of everything.” Melanie Martinez
  4. “I did not have any idea of what I wanted to be when I decided to become an artist. I was unsure of what it was.” Melanie Martinez
  5. “Just being artistic doesn’t mean that I ought to get treated any differently.” Melanie Martinez
  6. “I will release the most albums possible before I die.” Melanie Martinez
  7. “When little girls are growing into their mother’s eyes, young girls are learning cutting and pasting, and make their lips pucker until they are suffocated.”
  8. “Mommy, Why do I feel so sad? Do I have to give him away or be apathetic?”
  9. “The teacher broke up with us because I broke her. My truly true lover called me” a monster.
  10. “You hold me by my hair so that I won’t get lost. I’m sure you are in love with me, but you treat me as if I’m not even there.”
  11. “It’s tough to express what I’m afraid of. that I’ll end up being tossed away like an orange peel.”
  12. “Places and places, go to your place. Please put on your dress and show your doll-faces Everyone thinks that we’re perfect. Please don’t let them see through the curtain.”
  13. “Picture or picture smile for the photo Make sure you pose with your brother. will you not be a great sister? Everyone believes that we’re perfect.”
  14. “No, no one listens to anyone. The wallpaper shines. One day, they’ll be able to see what’s happening in the kitchen.”
  15. “D-O-L-L-H-O-U-S-E, I observe things that no one else does.”
  16. “You use the cruelest words, and you broke my heart because I’m right here working my a** off.”
  17. “Why is it so difficult to understand? If I were to cut myself, I’d surely bleed. I’m exactly like you. You’re just like me, imperfect and human, aren’t we?”
  18. Show and tell; I’m there for all the fucks who want to be there.”
  19. “Harsh words if you don’t take an image of me. Buy and sell like I’m a product of society Art doesn’t sell unless you’ve done something to every authority.”

Melanie Martinez Quotes For Instagram

  1. “If you’re not ready to bleed, Oh, you’re not able to manage the choking, kissing, and smothering until you’re unable to handle it any anymore, then you’re not going to go to your home.”
  2. “High school sweethearts, get ready to line up, trying to take my time. Sweethearts from high school don’t bother if you’re not my kind.”
  3. “Could you be my keeper throughout the night? Make your lips all over mine.”
  4. “You try to explain, but before you start, those crying baby tears come out of the darkness.”
  5. “Yeah, I’m coughing, and I’m bleeding, Band-Aids can’t make it stop ’cause they don’t like me, so I’m just taking all, and they say my place.”
  6. It’s my turn to be crying if I need to
  7. “Can we be honest? These are the rules to follow if you believe you are my only and sole real love.”
  8. “You must swear to love me, and I will not let you down; if you do me the wrong way over, I’ll rip your face to pieces.”
  9. “If you’re not able to handle my heart, don’t bother with me.”

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