New Hollywood Movie To Take In Al-Ula Region Of Saudi Arabia


New Hollywood Movie Got Green Signal To Take In Al-Ula Region Of Saudi Arabia


Al Ula Film Department at the Al-Ula Royal Commission has signed treaties to permit three films in the spot — an American movie and two Saudi films!

Saudi “In Sands” jobs are directed at Muhammad Al-Atawee and “Nourah” from Tawfeeq Al-Zayedi. The Hollywood picture is yet to be termed. The details will be disclosed after 2021, according to sources.

How Can They Get Permission For Hollywood Movie

The Film Commission in the Department of Culture will finance both Saudi films and assist the Film dept. In Al-Ula to fulfill shooting demands in AlUla. Its board of directors chaired by the ministry of culture is responsible for developing the film industry within the Kingdom and supporting individuals, institutions, and companies to come up with content.

The arrangements were signed following the American picture “Cherry” directed by Anthony and Joe Russo.

Scenes from “Cherry” were captured in Al-Ula and Riyadh, the first time in Saudi Arabia in collaboration with Film AlUla, which is working hard to bring Saudi and global ability to shoot movies.

Growing Film Industry In Middle east

Mohammad Al-Asmari, a director of a documentary-style movie, has stated that the exchange of technology inside the film business is an attractive incentive for Muslim gifts, noting that the industry is a resource of revenue plus arouses foreign and local investors.

Mohammad Al-Asmari, a documentary film director, stated that the exchange of expertise within the filmmaking industry is an excellent stimulant for Saudi talent. The industry is a lucrative source of income and an inspiration for domestic and foreign investors.

Al-Asmari praised the Film Commission for boosting the results of Saudi production and setting up a regulatory framework that will help the Saudis reach their dreams.

The Film Commission is doing everything possible to help local talent develop their filmmaking skills and utilize the benefits of today’s technology, Al-Asmari stated.

What’s Special About This New Hollywood Movie?

Considering that Saudi Arabia began issuing tourist visas, it has been visited by a variety of movie and television production companies exploring and sampling shooting places in Al Ula and everywhere.

It features a vast selection of services to draw international filmmakers. This consists of a team of Al-Ula filmmakers to ease the creation of a suitable film directing system.

On the technical side, it can handle picture crew visas, secure earth, air transport, ease importing and exporting cameras and other production equipment, sort out accommodation in Riyadh and Al Ula, and grant licenses.

AlUla’s landscapes Are Charming And Beautiful

AlUla’s landscapes are the best filming locations globally. Film Al Ula is trying to set Al-Ula as international filming and content destination and develop a picture infrastructure in northwestern Saudi Arabia.

As well as its cultural heritage dating back over 200,000 years, AlUla has an intriguing diversity of terrains covering a place of more than 22,500 km that features charming valleys and incredible rock formations created by wind and water over millions of years. The governorate’s farms, villages, and cities, with their assortment of old and new buildings, offer various alternatives for filmmakers.

Film AlUla also stimulates local picture production in partnership with other government bureaus, dependent on the Royal Commission’s project to empower national talents in the movie industry.