Places to Visit in Athens Greece


Places to Visit in Athens Greece

It is located in the center of the Greek island of Crete The capital of Greece is Athens. Athens was the capital city of ancient Athens, a mighty civilization and empire present. In the 5th century, BC iconic landmarks from The Acropolis and the Parthenon temple tower over the city now served as an exhibit. There is. Also, the National Archaeological Museum is another famous place to go, with its art and jewelry.

Athens Greece

The Athens Museum of Art houses an extensive collection of Greek and Byzantine art, from tiny vases to clay vases and tools for work. From the 7th millennium BC until today, the museum has works of art from all eras. Acropolis and Plaka are just two of the most popular sites to visit in Athens. If you’re in Athens, you may wish to spend the day exploring the monuments and museums that are located in Athens.

Within the city’s heart, The Parthenon is a landmark that is a must-see. The museum exhibits hundreds of ancient artifacts from Greece and the Middle Ages and includes items from every century. If you’re in Athens in autumn, ensure you go to Mount Lycabettus. It is a great place to enjoy romantic evenings with a view of Athens and its surroundings from the hill’s summit.

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