Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: Promising Debut on Google Wear OS


Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Classic Review: Promising Debut on Google Wear OS

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is among the first smartwatches that came out of the partnership with South Korean electronics maker Samsung and American technology giant Google. Built-in the WearOS platform The smartwatch is equipped with features that previous versions of Samsung Galaxy series smartwatches did not have because they ran on its proprietary operating system, Tizen. But what are these advancements, and what’s new with this version of the Galaxy Watch4 Classic? Let’s learn more.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic gains third-party applications and watch faces, and a close connection to Google applications. The device has left the ability to work with iPhones from Apple. Furthermore, certain of the critical features of Classic Watch4 Classic require it to be connected to a Samsung phone. The Watch4 Classic is a bit surprising in that it is the Watch4 Classic depends on the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app to connect, pair, and manage settings but not on its Google Wear OS app that other WearOS smartwatches that run on the platform.



Although some significant changes should be designed to signify the start of a new age of Google WearOS platform-based Samsung Galaxy smartwatches, Samsung chose to stick to its original design language. .. But that Samsung’s Galaxy Watch 4 Classic looks exactly like its predecessor. Current Galaxy Watch users may find it dull. But, new users will be impressed by the traditional design, with its rotating rings and a stainless-steel case (46mm review model) in the bezel. The body of the watch hasn’t changed. However, its strap is drastically enhanced. Due to its sweat-proof properties, the strap feels soft and luxurious when worn. The strap is removable, so it is possible to replace it with a new belt in the event of need.



While it’s based on Google’s WearOS platform, it is a different watch. Galaxy Watch4 Classic boots the Samsung OneUI 3 user interface with UI elements similar to Tizen OS smartwatches. This is an advantage since the standard WearOS interface is not user-friendly.

This watch’s gesturing-based OneUI 3 is easy to navigate and comprehend. You can swipe down from the top to open quick settings and swipe inwards from the left or turn the ring on the bezel clockwise to receive notification, or swipe backward from the right side or rotate the bezel’s ring anti-clockwise to view quick-view windows. It can also be used with a wrist gesture to activate the screen wake feature and works like it should.

In terms of available apps, Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 Classic gains access to the apps available in Google Play Store for a smartwatch. While the majority of the downloaded apps are by Samsung but you can also download from the vast library of third-party applications from Google Play Store, including several of the most frequently utilized Music streaming services such as Spotify or YouTube Music, both of which come with offline play capabilities (subscription is required).


The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is powered by Samsung’s 5nm process-based Exynos W920 processor. The watch has some delays in the beginning as it is learning the usage pattern but can work quickly following. Although the performance is excellent, the battery of the device leaves users wanting more. It lasts for about a half-day and a day on a full charge, with an always-on display. When it is used to record fitness exercises, the battery time is reduced to around 10 hours. The time to charge could have been quicker. The charger that comes with it takes approximately three hours to charge the battery up to 100.

Galaxy Watch4 Classic is one of the first smartwatches that came from a collaboration with South Korean electronics maker Samsung and American technology giant Google. Built-in wear OS operating system, these smartwatches feature features not present in the previous versions in the Samsung Galaxy series smartwatches simply because they run its own OS, Tizen. However, how significant are these advantages, and what are adding new features to Samsung’s Galaxy Watch4 Classic? Let’s find out.


As with its predecessor, this watch has the same circular 1.4-inch AMOLED touchscreen. If you want to upgrade, the screen’s maximum brightness is increased and makes it easier to see in bright sunlight that greatly enhances sunlight visibility. The benefits of a high-quality screen are also evident when you use the “always-on” feature, which keeps the screen on to show basic information about your watch’s customizable face. The screen is protected by resistance to scratches Gorilla Glass DX +, and the look is water-resistant to 50 meters.


The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is based on the Google Wear OS platform. Still, it comes with the Samsung One UI3 user interface featuring UI elements similar to Tizen OS-powered smartwatches. This could be positive since Vanilla’s WearOS interface isn’t easy to use.

The clock-based OneUI3 is simple to understand and use. You can swipe from the top down to gain access to quick settings, then swipe left to right or turn in a clockwise direction the bezel’s rings inform you. Swipe the bezel ring left to right or turn clockwise around the bezel’s call to show an instant view. It also supports wrist movements using a screen wake feature, which acts as an enchantment.

Regarding apps, the Galaxy Watch 4 Classic can use applications from the Google Play store for smartwatches. The majority of the apps preloaded are made by Samsung. Still, there’s a robust selection of third-party applications available that can be found on the Google Play store, including some of the most well-known music streaming services like Spotify or YouTube Music. You can download it from. Both playback options are offline (subscription is required).

Galaxy Watch4 Classic has gained support for third-party apps and watch faces and is fully connected to Google services; however, it is not compatible with iPhones from Apple. Furthermore, many features in Watch4 Classic require you to connect to your Samsung phone. It’s surprising that Watch4 Classic relies on the Samsung Galaxy Wearable app to connect, pair, and manage settings instead of its Google Wear OS app used by other Wear OS smartwatches.


Fitness and health

The Galaxy Watch4 Classic is a solid fitness and health tracker. The Galaxy Watch4 Classic covers everything one would expect from a health and fitness device, from monitoring heartbeats and sleep patterns to measuring blood oxygen levels. The cherry on top of that is the Body composition analyzer feature, which takes around 15 seconds to estimate the percent of muscle, fat, and water within your body. Regarding fitness-related features, it is the only watch that Watch4 Classic supports auto-tracking of more than 90 different types of exercise, including everyday activities like running, walks, and swimming. However, the Galaxy Watch4 Classic is an excellent smartwatch as it can be a fitness and health tracker.