Samsung Stops Support For The famous Galaxy Note 8 Flagship Galaxy Note 8


Samsung Stops Support For The famous Galaxy Note 8 Flagship Galaxy Note 8

Samsung has changed a few things to its update schedule for firmware this month. If it makes any changes, there are always specific devices that are shut off for good. This is the same story this time.

The device at issue is more than four years old. It’s not common to see Samsung support devices with security updates once they’ve been in use for four years.

Galaxy Note 8


The lifespan of the once wildly popular Samsung flagship model has ended. The company has removed the reference to the smartphone on its Samsung Security Updates page; it won’t receive security updates.

The last patch to match Galaxy Note 8 was released in August 2021. Galaxy Note 8 was released in August 2021. A little more than a year prior, it was removed by the manufacturer Note 8 from the list of smartphones eligible for monthly updates. They added it onto the lists of electronic devices with quarterly updates of the latest software.

Many of you may remember some of you might remember the Galaxy Note FE. It was created out of the detriment of the Galaxy Note 7, quite literally. It was a redesigned version of Samsung’s phablet, which was canceled. Samsung’s Galaxy Note FE had a similar design and specifications but smaller batteries that did not explode.

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Samsung was only planning to sell 400,000 units of its Galaxy Note FE, so this modification isn’t likely to affect many people. But those still using your Galaxy Note FE should probably switch to a different phone today. Our top list of Samsung phones offers a wide range of choices across all price ranges that you can choose from.

The most significant update was the new Android 9 Pie OS, made available on Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 in February 2018. Alongside it is the Galaxy Note 8, support for the version released in 2017 for Samsung’s Galaxy Tab A is now being rumored to be removed.

The Galaxy Note 8 has been supported for longer than any other smartphone within the family. The latest Samsung launched on the market in 2017, and it has received updates for the entire four years – a record period to be found on Android smartphones. Even Google is attentive to the models it makes for less than three months.

This release was unique to the Samsung ecosystem. At the time of its release, it was some time after the scandal surrounding the explosive and flammable Galaxy Note 7. The prosperous and stable version of the device helped to erase the not especially pleasant impression made by those who used Note 7 “seven.”

It appears that this year, the company is set to end the Note line and instead launch more functional flagships from the S22 series.

It’s the end of the road to the Samsung Galaxy Note. Galaxy Note FE
The changes Samsung made this month also moved Galaxy Note 9 to the quarterly cycle. It was previously receiving periodic firmware updates. It was only updated for security because it already received both Android OS upgrades it was qualified for. Galaxy Note 9 Galaxy Note 9 will now receive quarterly updates.

The Galaxy Note FE has been taken off the market. Samsung has stopped updates for software on this device completely. There will be no updates shortly or even security patches in the future. It’s also not receiving any security patches. Galaxy S8 Lite has also been removed. It’s a diluted version of Samsung’s Galaxy S8 that was only launched in China.