Most significant Retail Technology Innovation Hub 2021


Most significant Retail Technology Innovation Hub 2021

The week of Friday is coming to an end, so let’s take a look back on another turbulent month in the retailer space. This article will summarize the most important stories of the last five days comprising Amazon, Instacart, Ocado Group, Wayve, boohoo, and Debenhams.1. Boohoo uses Mirakltech to support Debenhams online market push.

Retail Technology Innovation Companies

1. Amazon chooses Bluewater as its first Amazon 4 star store outside of the USA
Amazon has opened its doors to its first Amazon 4 star store outside of the US.

In Bluewater, The store has an array of items rated 4 stars or more or are top sellers or are popular on Amazon’s UK website, including consumer electronics games, toys, books, kitchen, and home.

Customers can shop online and then pick up the store items as early as they can take the day after. They also offer parcel-free return labels for purchases made both in-store and online.

2-boohoo taps Mirakl technology to support Debenhams market push
The fashion retailer, the boohoo group, has launched a Debenhams online marketplace operated with Mirakl technology.

This year, pureplay boohoo purchased the Debenhams website and brand for PS55 million. The company chose not to acquire any of the company’s high-street stores nor its staff.

According to the report, it plans to establish the UK’s biggest market in sports, fashion, beauty, and homeware by this latest step.

3-Instacart acquires catering software company FoodStorm
Instacart has announced its acquisition of FoodStorm, a SaaS order management system that provides end-to-end ordering and catering for retailers of groceries.

The mobile gaming market in China is expected to see a growth in revenue in August.


4-Ocado and Wayve have reached an agreement to provide autonomous delivery of groceries. tie-up
Ocado Group has announced a collaboration with a PS10 million funding in the startup Wayve. It seeks to speed up the development of automated grocery delivery services for challenging urban environments.

This is closely related to Asda’s collaboration with Wayve.

5-Mercaux research on omnichannel shows that physical stores are playing a more prominent role in the future
A new report by Mercaux examines the evolving role of stores and points the importance of recording the customer’s behavior. It is now thought of to be just as crucial as selling items within bricks or mortar.

The research was conducted across 200 retail stores and 2,000 UK consumers.