Some LGBTQ Representation In films And TV Web Series


Some LGBTQ Representation In films And TV Web Series

For many decades today, there was some LGBTQ+ representation in films and tv/web series. However, after having a long-overdue quest for newer genres, many movies and shows in the west are now focusing on those that do not represent this community, such as actions, horror, and thriller films. Here is an inventory that reflects how a west that did not go away from the typical genres of owning LGBTQ+ representation until recently has entered newer ones with those shows and movies.

LGBTQ Representation In films



Marvel finally features its first LGBTQ relationship using an onscreen kiss afterward over ten years of superhero movies. Eternals movie is an upcoming Marvel Cinematic Universe film that celebrities Brian Tyree Henry (Atlanta) as Phaistos, a.k.a. the first openly gay superhero in a Marvel movie, Haaz Sleiman (Little America), that plays his husband.

Wanda Vision Billy, aka Wiccan, is just one-half of Marvel’s most dominant gay couple in the comics. Ever since the grownup version of Billy made his debut, he’s been romantically entangled with another adolescent superhero called Teddy Altman, otherwise known as Hulkling. After Billy, the following LGBTQ+ representation We’ll notice in the MCU will be The Eternals.

2-The Old Guard

While this picture could easily be referred to as a classic action movie with loads of guns and blood, there’s a lot more going on within the Old Guard. One of the most significant critical elements to the narrative is a gay relationship between two members of the most adorable”Old Guard, “the characters of Joe and Nicky. Greg Rucka that composed the original graphic novel and also adapted the screenplay, has said that the relationship was significant to him as he wanted the audience to find a queer relationship that has been happy.

3-Green Lantern Series

According to the Most Current Hollywood Reporter, HBO Max, for the show on Green Lantern has cast celebrity Jeremy Irvine. He will play the iconic superhero in the 2021 show for a gay character and have a Sam Zhao boyfriend.


Spiral is one of its kind, a queer-themed horror film in that a same-sex couple moves to a small town to have a better quality of life and raise their daughter with solid social values; however, if their neighbors throw an extremely bizarre party, nothing is really as it seems within their picturesque area. The picture that’s unapologetically homosexual creates horror in the bias it highlights of a society where the worst folks will hurt and harness minorities to our sense of strength and pleasure. Spiral is currently flowing on Prime Video in India.


Benedetta is an upcoming horror film. Place in the 17th century; the film follows a lesbian nun that was prone to fantasies and exhibited the stigmata — demonic wounds which mimic the harms inflicted on Jesus during the crucifixion. This Paul Verhoeven picture is adapted from Judith C. Brown’s book Immodest Acts: The Life Of A Lesbian Nun In Renaissance Italy.