T.J. Holmes Made Fun Of Amy Robach


On “GMA 3,” T.J. Holmes made fun of Amy Robach’s “purity.”

The viewers were completely unaware of T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach’s on-air flirting before their apparent relationship was made public.

In a recently discovered film from May, the “GMA 3” anchor compliments his coworker on how “amazing” her white dress looked on that particular day.

Robach, 49, counters, “You know what? It looks like a wedding dress, but you know what? White is appropriate all year long.

When his co-anchor throws a piece of paper in his direction, Holmes, 45, quips, “It is and, look, if anybody talks purity on this set, it’s this one.”

Even though they are legally married to other people, images and videos posted online earlier this week showed the ABC correspondents had a romantic relationship. Robach married actor Andrew Shue the same year Holmes married his wife, Marilee Fiebig.

“They appear to have a very close friendship, but that is to be anticipated. But a “GMA3” staff member informed us that they made great effort behind the scenes to keep their relationship a secret.

Holmes may be seen grabbing Robach’s butt in one of the videos made public online during a getaway the two of them went to a home in upstate New York.

According to an informant, the “GMA3” co-anchors were allegedly cheating on their wives in August, but we also learned that their romance started in March.

However, sources close to the new pair later claimed that because Holmes and Robach are “two consenting adults,” they are not “ashamed” of their connection.

“This involved two independent individuals who gave their consent. Within a few weeks of one another in August, they both ended their marriages “Robach and Holmes, who have been wed since 2010 to attorney Marilee Fiebig, were mentioned by the insider. “Only after that did the relationship begin.”

According to the informant, Robach, who wed actor Andrew Shue in 2010, has “had nothing to hide,” He added that since they were both divorced, they felt completely at ease dating in public afterward. Even their spouses had relocated! They weren’t concealing anything, then.”

In 2014, Holmes joined the GMA crew, and the two quickly became good friends. She previously revealed their friendship to PEOPLE.

Hey, we want to hire a co-anchor, they announced. How do you feel about T.J. Holmes? I nearly slid out of my chair, she added. “My God. We’ve been attempting to work together for the past five years, so you couldn’t have chosen a better person to ask me what I thought of.

Robach also discussed their double dates with Shue and Fiebig with PEOPLE. “We hit it off right away when he started working at ABC. My girls have watched their daughters on multiple double dates with our spouses.

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