Technology’s Role In The Field Of Education


Technology’s Role In The Field Of Education

As we see a steady increase in the acceptance of technology and innovation, the education sector has shifted towards Hybrid Learning, a combination of “Traditional” schooling and the latest innovations. In the last year, we’ve witnessed the system of education change, and technology has played an essential role in making learning accessible, enjoyable, and engaging. This has led to more efficient Cloud technology, solid and secure IT services, and efficient data asset management and infrastructure. Due to the necessity for safe, online modes of teaching, the last year has witnessed the rise of e-learning as an alternative for traditional instruction.

Cloud’s role In Technology

As learning becomes digitalized, it is essential to have effective cloud systems in place been a necessity. Secure storage options, and not only to store learning materials but also for teacher and student information, is essential. The availability of storage that allows data to be saved in a sequential and planned way is also necessary. Support for teachers and education on how to use remote learning technology and adaptations to pedagogy is vital. A combination of multiple modes of delivery (offline/online/blended) is more likely to be effective with a focus on pedagogy and not just technology. In addition, offering content is not enough. Involving students in the process of learning and being a responsible participant within a multi-sensory learning context. This is why adopting the appropriate cloud strategies and services becomes an urgent requirement and empowering teachers to utilize technology effectively to get students involved in their learning. Tools and apps such as Microsoft 365 and Dynamics 365 will perfectly meet the requirements in this regard.

Managed Services

An effective way for educational institutions to make sure that all technology and IT infrastructures are solid, secure, and meets the company’s requirements is to use the assistance of an outside Managed Services partner. The Managed Services partner will help keep your network safe and ensure that applications and connectivity meet the requirements of your organization and will be your backup system to deal with any issues that might arise. The outsourcing of managed services is a secure, efficient, and safe way to grow educational establishments. The best part is that it is an affordable solution.

While technology is now being integrated into schools and teaching, its application to teaching and learning is still an obstacle. Even though most schools today are blessed to have accessibility to modern technology, well-trained educators, and supportive policies, environmental usage of technology in classrooms remains low. A few attribute the lack of use of technology in the school to the teaching beliefs of teachers.

The possibility of technology for enhancing learning is not to be underestimated. Technology is something that began quite a while long ago for students who have disabilities. For instance, brail machines are used to aid those who are visually disabled. Additionally, special needs programs aid children with autism make use of technology to improve their learning. By integrating technology into the classroom, educators aim to enhance teaching and tackle the core concerns that affect students who have a particular need. Technology can be viewed as a tool but also an instrument to changes.

Research has shown that educators have experienced difficulty making use of technology in their teaching. It could be because many educators aren’t yet exploring the connections between pedagogy and technology. This could be a significant factor in encouraging critical thinking in teachers trying to incorporate technology into their education.

In the same way, for technology to function effectively, it should be integrated into classrooms if it is appropriate for the particular instructional purpose. Technology can only be a successful teaching tool if teachers are involved in the technology decisions. Teachers are responsible for leading instruction and incorporating technology into the school level. However, school administrators are often prone to make decisions about technology implementation and training without consulting teachers.

How can technology be utilized to improve learning
Here are some suggestions for how technology can be used to enhance learning:

In evaluating instruction using technology, the teacher must use proper evaluation methods that conform to the teaching methods and objectives and the technology.
With the accessibility of databases for students that can track each student’s progress, teachers are advised to establish learning objectives and differentiate instruction according to the demands of their pupils.
Suppose teachers are trying to provide instruction with the help of technology. In that case, they must use a channel appropriate to the intended goals, the manner of learning, and the chosen technology.