Trump Is Launching His Own Truth Social Media In 2022 A Big Tech News


Trump Is Launching His Own Truth Social Media In 2022 A Big Tech News

Trump is planning to establish the company’s own online social media site in early 2022.

The man is calling the initiative TRUTH Social. It’s one of his strategies to combat Big Tech.

Former President Donald Trump has officially revealed that he’s going to launch his own social media platform in 2022, just months after an aide of his told Fox News about his plans. The platform is being referred to as TRUTH Social, and the forum is one of his camp’s efforts to take on “the Big Tech companies of Silicon Valley, which have employed their unilateral power to shut down opposing voices across America.”

A few of Trump’s backers believe that social media platforms are biased towards conservative viewpoints. In 2018a group filed a lawsuit against Twitter, Facebook, and Google in a lawsuit accusing them of violating antitrust laws and infringing upon the rights of their First Amendment rights by conspiring to limit conservative views. The case was struck out of court several times. According to a New York University research published in the spring of this year, there’s no evidence of bias toward conservatives on the most well-known social media platforms. There was an Instagram issue in the months preceding the US Presidential Elections that favored Trump content over Biden’s.

However, Facebook and Twitter have indeed banned Trump on their sites after Jan. 6 US Capitol riots. Twitter found that his tweets at the time did not conform to its guidelines. According to the place, the tweets (which are available to view as archives) “must be considered about wider events across the country, and in the manner that the President’s comments could be used by different groups, and even to inspire violence …”

Trump’s brand new social media network is expected to debut a test version in November. The beta version will be accessible to guests invited only. It is expected to roll out nationwide to begin in the very first quarter of 2022. release reads.

Trump declared his intention to launch another social media platform following his expulsion from several social media sites. This year, the major social media companies, including Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube, were suspended or banned from Trump because he infringed on their policies following the attack of Jan. 6 at the Capitol.

This month Trump filed a lawsuit to have his account restored and argued that his ban violates First Amendment rights. In fact, his decision to ban the site gets a special mention in the TRUTH Social announcement. In a statement, he said: “We live in a world in which the Taliban is a major presence on Twitter, but your favorite American President is not being heard.”

TRUTH Social will have a test launch in November for invited guests. Along with his crew, Trump expects to roll out the service across the nation in the first quarter of 2022.

“I invented TRUTH Social along with TMTG to fight the power that is Big Tech. The world we live in is one society in which the Taliban has a massive presence on Twitter, and yet your most beloved American President is not being heard,” Trump said in the statement.

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Trump stated that the company’s purpose was to build “opposition of the media group that is liberal and fight to fight back to big tech companies. Big Tech companies.”

TRUTH Social app is set to launch through an entity formed through the merger of Trump Media and Technology Group and Digital World Acquisition Corp, which is listed on Nasdaq according to the company’s statement.