VLC 3.4 update adds bookmarks and an improved audio player for Android


VLC 3.4 update adds bookmarks and an improved audio player for Android

About a year since the release of VLC on Android v3.3, The developers behind the media player that is so popular have begun to roll out VLC to Android v3.4. The most recent update brings several new features, including a more powerful audio player as well as bookmarks, bookmarks, and much more.

VLC 3.4


VLC is a popular choice for those who love streaming media. At the very least, those who haven’t yet transitioned to streaming all the time. Its versatility is unparalleled for various reasons, due in no small part due to its being in constant open source development for over a decade. The most recent Android release is out right now, and it is a bit different.

Based on libVLC 3. It revamps the audio Player and Auto support. It creates bookmarks for every media, and simplifies permissions, and enhances the video grouping.
As mentioned in an earlier blog post, VLC for Android v3.4 is the fourth major version of VLC 3. It comes with a brand new bookmarks feature that allows you to make bookmarks on your music files and swiftly begin playback from the place you left off. This is an excellent feature for users who listen to audiobooks or podcasts with VLC. The update also introduces an exciting improvement to how VLC handles permissions, allowing users to use the player to stream without giving permission to access files.

Additionally, VLC for Android v3.4 introduces interface improvements to the player, making it more modern in appearance and putting the content on the front. Take a look at the images below to get a glimpse of what the new player for audio looks like.

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In v3.4, VLC now also offers a better loading experience on Android TVs and smartphones. The new version has a much clearer workflow, which is excellent for brand new media players.

The user interface of VLC was tweaked repeatedly for this update and is most apparent in the player section. The changes aren’t significant, but an overall improvement in the design brings the interface closer to the latest audio players. The video listing also receives an update in visuals as well as the updated version lets you add bookmarks to media that are longer and use the app without requiring storage access (if you’re accessing streaming, for example). Other fixes for bugs and performance enhancements are included throughout.

They have revised the instructions you are given when you first start using the video and audio players. They are now closed to new interface updates.

If you’re using VLC for Android Auto, you’ll also be able to see some navigation improvements in the latest version. The changes make it simpler to play and browse audio files from your library within Android Auto. Android Auto interface.

Alongside the changes discussed in the previous paragraphs, VLC for Android v3.4 comes with the following enhancements:

Find a media
You can play streams, playlists, or even plays.

Cover synchronization improved
Improvements in performance
More media information is available.
Improved pagination