Windows 11 Mobile is the perfect phone operating system


Windows 11 Mobile is the perfect phone operating system


The idea starts with a beautiful home screen, and then it reveals a tiled interface for Windows 11. The new store features widget support, multitasking, and multitasking with the split-screen.

The phone can be used to draw and write on any subject, browse File Explorer, and dark mode.

Windows 11 – A step closer to becoming a mobile OS

Microsoft placed a large bet on Windows 10 Mobile. They even bought Nokia, the phone giant. But, up against the strength of iOS and Android, it was just not to be. Although Windows 10 was a popular operating system for tablets and PCs, Microsoft abandoned it four years ago.

Windows 11 will arrive on compatible devices next month. Although there will be some waiting, many users will still have to wait. But, if given a chance, could it do better on mobile than its predecessor?

This is possible by using the engineering reverse of Apple’s offering to make iOS apps run on new M1 ARM Macs. Rosetta is a translation service that allows traditional apps to run on macOS. It is powered by the ARM architecture, making it more mobile than a desktop OS.

Windows is an example of this: Android has developed ARM apps that can run on a desktop OS. However, the outcome is one and the same: convergence.

Although Microsoft has not yet announced plans to create a mobile version of Windows 11, Addy Visuals, a concept creator, has made an impressive vision of what the mobile OS could look like.

Windows 11 seems to be confirming this belief by doubling down on the announcement that Android apps will be available for the Windows 11 OS. These apps can be downloaded directly from the Microsoft Store. You read correctly, Android apps will run natively on Windows 11 and be available now from the Microsoft store.

I boldly predicted that Apple would become Microsoft’s best friend a few years back when they released Office Suite on iPad. This was to help Microsoft adopt 365. With the Surface Duo’s release last year, I predicted that Google would be Microsoft’s best friend. Today I am reaffirming that prediction. Google will help Microsoft dominate the workplace by releasing Android apps on Windows 11.

Once the integration of the phone (MyPhone, etc.) is complete, Once the integration of phone (MyPhone, etc.) and apps (Android via Microsoft Store) is complete, the choice for enterprise OS will be apparent, as well as the choice for desktop OS (new-age mobile).