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The Hollywood Cruella Movie Plot

Cruella, a 2021 American comedy crime film, is based on Cruella de Vil’s character in Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. [10] Craig Gillespie directs the film. Tony McNamara and Dana Fox write the screenplay. The story was written by Kelly Marcel, Aline Brosh McKenna, and Steve Zissis. [11] This is the third live-action adaptation of 101 Dalmatians. It serves as both a prequel to the original and a reboot. Emma Stone plays the title role, with Joel Fry and Paul Walter Hauser and Emily Beecham, Kirby Howell Baptiste, Mark Strong, Mark Strong, and Paul Walter Hauser supporting roles. The film is set in London during the 1970s punk rock movement. It follows Estella Miller, an aspirant fashion designer, as she searches for the path that will take her to fame as Cruella De Vil.

Estella, a young and intelligent grifter, is determined to make her mark in the fashion industry. Soon, Estella meets two thieves who share her passion for mischief, and they make a living together on the streets in London. Estella becomes the raucous, revenge-bent Cruella after she meets fashion legend, Baroness von Hellman.

Hollywood Cruella is an American comedy crime film that was released in 2021. It’s based on Cruella de Vil, Dodie Smith’s 1956 novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians. The film is set in 1970s London during the rock revolution. Estella Miller is a fashion designer and creative genius who struggles to make her mark in the fashion industry. Baroness von Hellman is a fashion icon that she meets. But soon, Estella embraces her wicked side and becomes the raucous, revenge-bent Cruella.

Hollywood Cruella movie actors

Emily Beecham and Mark Strong, Kayvan Novak and Kirby Howell–Baptiste Jamie Demetriou, Niamh Lynch Andrew Leung Ed Birch Dylan Lowe, Paul Bazely

Some Hollywood Cruella Movie Quotes

“From the very beginning I’ve always made a statement. Not everyone appreciated that. But I wasn’t for everyone.”

EMMA STONE – Cruella

“I like to say that normal is the cruelest insult of them all and at least I don’t get that.”


“You can’t care about anyone else. Everyone else is an obstacle. You care what an obstacle wants or feels you’re dead. If I cared about any one or thing I might have died like so many brilliant women with a drawer full of unseen genius and a heart full of sad bitterness.”

EMMA THOMPSON – The Baroness

“I’m not like her, I’m better.”

EMMA STONE – Cruella

“The thing is, I’m not sweet Estella, try as I might. I never was. I’m Cruella. Born brilliant. Born bad. And a little bit mad.”

EMMA STONE – Cruella